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L'immigrante. | series

© Ashley Lebedev | Bottle Bell ™

Model: Dasha

Makeup & Hair & Wardrobe: Me


Friends! Again... it's been a long time since I posted & I missed Flickr land, so I thought I'd post some recent beauty work and play a little catch up. There's been so much happening behind the scenes w/ Bottle Bell & workshop prep. as well as new characters in Faerieland and of course this beauty above.


I wanted to relay to you this beautiful model's story.

This is Dasha. She's an amazing immigrant girl I met a few years ago (One evening I went into a restaurant and she was my host ;) that I asked to model for me as I was paying my check. Later I would find out *when she and I actually shot together* that she hardly believed I'd asked her to be a part of a shoot :)


Dasha's story is really beautiful and brave and unique.

She's barely into her 20s and here (in the USA) alone, with no family, working 2 jobs that get her up at 5 am (Sometimes earlier) and get her home at midnight... EVERY DAY for the last few years. I admire her in so many ways.


I adore her and how brave she is to be here, by herself, to make a better life for herself.


She is one of my dear friends and an absolute pleasure to photograph.

I recently took a commission (which I rarely do any more) with her, and we decided on an immigrant vintage-y (sp?;) theme, using her OWN story and how I view her/it as the inspiration.


I hope you love this shot & that Haloing light as much as I do. :)

This is only one of a storyboard we did that day and honestly not even my favorite that came from that light, but I really wanted to post this and say hello again.


I hope you all are well.

Many storyboards are coming & I post a lot of behind the scenes on other networks :)


ash x


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Taken on November 11, 2010