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Well Walk.

© Ashley Lebedev | Bottle Bell ™


Friends! I've been so busy, but I'm checking in...

Flickr seems very quiet this season. ::must be all the cold weather, we had a major blizzard here!::


Above is the first shot I've actually gotten processed from the Appalachian's trip so far...

There are more to come, which I think are equally if not more eerie... It was quite an experience.


Taken with Stephen in the Blue Ridge mountains.


It was incredibly beautiful and although the very heavy fog prevented most of the far off vantage 'mountains in the mist' shots, it was the perfect 'ashley' weather, and we made sure to get lost within it's very eerie backroads. Again, it was quite an experience...


I chose to also feature this piece for inspiration in a creative ruts blog that I spent about a month writing to help those of you (i get emailed about this a lot) that find yourself feeling photography burnout or lacking in creative flow. It's from the heart, so I really hope some of you will like it, or find it helpful. x


I tried to pack it with some photos, lots of really practical advice, great quotes, and an inspirational print giveaway for those who do find your way over there.


Again that's here.


I want to know what you all want for Christmas as well, and thank those of you who have been helping Stephen, and welcoming him to the community as a newbie. I've seen some of my besties on here really giving him good feedback, and I feel blessed and humbled to have a network on here that'll do that. x


I'm spending Christmas alone this year, but am happy in how much this year has progressed for me (in all areas of my life) and will be happy to spend that day with my doggies, and writing.


And that'll do it! Hope all are staying warm as this year comes to a close...


miss ash x


P.S. Today I sold another bookcover (that's 3!) ::does said ballerina twirl now:: and as for this piece, above, it can be viewed larger and without the intrusive watermark on my website. :)




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Taken on December 10, 2009