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New Faerieland | "The Great Hall"

{Larger full screen & here } | Flickr has oversharpened by just a bit.


© Ashley Lebedev | Bottle Bell ™


This is the next piece in the "Birds of Passage" sequence.

This is an absolutely gigantic panoramic portrait (something that doesn't get a lot of real estate on the interwebs & so I'll post a much closer more detailed shot this PM :)



For those of you who follow this board, you may remember this character in a colder scene from last year, with this very forest within her stomach and a bird that followed her from it as her companion.


Now, she's within the forest she comes from, her stomach filled of her warmest home. It is from this forest that she garners her strength, which shines in her and through her.


I remember this day in this vast forest.

It was magic to photograph with endless trees in every direction. The light would crack and turn the horizon line black and everything else golden. It truly brings me joy to finally have this edited and brought to the board.


I've almost never struggled more on leaving colors bold in my editing work, with every monitor I checked showing such different colors, but I just didn't want to desaturate the palette of that forest and so I kept it quite bold.


Because this is a panoramic piece, made actually of about 10 images put together, in my measuring it, it would be able to be printed as large as a wall floor to ceiling of even a vaulted ceiling. One day I hope to do just that. It would keep with my great desire to turn all home interiors into forests.




Please enjoy & for those interested, again, I will post a much more detailed shot later tonight.


Model: Rae Weisz (whom you may remember from so much of my work) | She's been a morphing model within this board (remember The Raven or Brownie Sequence?) | She serves as several characters, each time changing her hair color to suit the scene.


MUA (and hair) : Julie Lam


Ash x


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Uploaded on January 26, 2015