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The werewolf doesn't sleep at night.

Mount Rainier, Washington.

I just made it home from my trip. I got a lovely welcome home from Annie - "Wow, you made it home alive and god, you look like crap!!!" Ah, friends :)


On this adventure, I headed out with one of the sweetest girls I've ever met, Christina, her husband Walter, and the always smiling purple dude, Greg-O. Oh yeah and the myth, the legend, Aaron Reed was supposed to be there too but he got "attacked by marmots."


After about oh, I'd say a half an hour of sleep, we woke up at 1AM to get to Rainier. We roll up in Greg's pimped out Ford Focus at about 4AM and I'm awakened from my slumber to hear we are hiking. Hiking you say? Now? You mean... not later... but now? But, but, but I thought Aaron said we just pull right up to the lake, whip out the tripod and start shooting? Nope! We are going to go find wildflowers!


After about oh, another half hour into our hike, we're talking about weather. The latest news. There's some dead silence for a while and Christina's about 20 feet ahead of us when out of no where, she comes running down the hill screaming her head off, and practically jumps into my arms. I look at her with horror in my eyes and begging her to tell me what she just saw. Shaking her and asking her over and over... what was it??? Oh my god!! This is not working. I turn around and run down the hill too and crash into Greg who crashes in to Walter. After a lot of jumping and screaming the men come to our rescue and walk up the trail a bit to find out whats going on. I'm thinking, ohhh nooo it's a bear isn't it?? It's bear and we're going die. Just like Aaron almost died on this same cliff, except we are going to actually die. No... is it a mountain lion? Oh please let be a bear. Id rather die death by bear.

Greg points his flashlight at the mystery animal and yep... ears. Big giant ears!!!! It looks at us and starts licking it's paws drooling and growling like crazy and turning it's head side ways like a cute little puppy getting ready to attack. We both hide behind the guys and yell "runnnn!!!" Then Greg and Walter come to the rescue and inform us that it's only a cute little baby fox awww ferocious man eating werewolf!!!


The fox.. I mean uh... werewolf.. ran away as soon as we stepped closer and we eventually made it to the top of the mountain without anymore sightings of wild eyes in the darkness.


Thanks again Christina and Walter for your kind hospitality and Greg for driving us all around Washington!!

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Taken on August 14, 2010