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Viva Vietnam! ~ The Imperial City of Hue

Travel outside of the main city and tourist areas of The Ancient Imperial City of Hue in Vietnam and you're guaranteed to see something special. Venturing out of the city limits was always a high priority on my list of things to do. I'd heard so much about the delicate history of this area I really wanted to see it first hand. Being a little bit of a war historian, I wanted to retrace some of the areas where some of the major battles had been fought.


Reading a travel website, I got the idea to hire a motorbike and travel out of the city for a few hours to some of the more remote areas of operation. I'm still convinced that traveling on your own is better than relying on package tourism to take you there, and it's this philosophy that has brought much personal reward time and again for me.


I happened upon this bike unattended in the middle of a rice field on the southern side of the perfume river just as I was leaving the city limits. Whats interesting about this bike is that for anyone who has every been so fortunate to travel Vietnam, bikes are as synonymous as pedestrians.


Being the main form of transport, bikes are highly guarded and to see this one unattended for so long was both curious and humorous for me and in the end it made a nice picture.

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Taken in October 2008