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Haha oh gosh, hardcore. Hardcore, I tell you.


Okay so unfortunately today I don’t have any writing or thoughtful description.

I am really tired and getting ready for school

And I also have quite a few random things to say -


So firstly, this picture is number one of a (hopefully) weekly collab Andres and I are doing together. Every week we’re going to take a perspective picture on a chosen subject. It should be really fun and I’m super excited about it. Andres is such a darling and a super sweet friend. Check out his stream and his part of the collab, fo shizzz.

This week our topic was “being in love” (something I am unfortunately not at the moment, ha).

I decided to do something more along the lines of heartbreak for mine. Not really real heartbreak, but the troubles that come with relationships. I think Hollywood makes relationships look so marvelously ideal all the time and they give us unreal expectations for life. Loving hurts. It's always going to hurt. But it hurts in that humanly beautiful way that is gorgeously inexplainable.


Secondly, I’m sorry I’ve been MIA on Flickr recently. I’ve been really busy, it being the end of my summer holiday and all, and just haven’t had much time to do much. I’m really sorry. I love you guys.


Thirdly, last night someone left Erin Fetterhoff (Erin.Alyssa.) a rude and inconsiderate comment on her Formspring pretending to be me. I really have no idea who did this or what I did to make you so upset, but I am truly sorry. I just needed to post this to tell you that what you did was not cool. It hurt both me and Erin, and I cried almost all of last night and even considered deleting my Flickr because of it. I would prefer you to confront me about things rather than hurting people that I love. I would also wanted to let everyone know that read that comment that it was absolutely not me. Erin is seriously like my sister and I love her to death.


Lastly, I miss you Ella!

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Taken on July 19, 2009