Hadrian's Wall
This is a set of photos of the major components of Hadrian's Wall (Tyne and Wear, Northumberland, and Cumbria, UK). These are organised by Wall Mile (starting with 0 in the east and finishing with 79 in the west). Many of them are digital images which were originally taken in August 2005 or in April to May 2006, as part of recce trips I did prior to a tour I led for a holiday company. These are supplemented by older scanned slides of additional sites, especially the forts (although these will eventually be replaced by newer digital coverage), as well as some aerial photographs.

There are separate sets covering the sites of Chesters and Housesteads in greater detail.

Where possible, page references have been given to the relevant portion of the fourteenth edition of J. Collingwood Bruce's Handbook to the Roman Wall by D.J. Breeze, an essential purchase for all mural exercitologists.

Most are released under a Creative Commons licence, whereby the only attribution necessary for non-commercial use of the images is a link to this web page. Vertical aerial views however are copyright of either Google Earth or Microsoft Virtual Earth and used here under the terms of their respective licences.

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