On The Forest Floor

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Please please please pretty please view it large, it looks SO much better, it's ridiculous.
This is what 5 hours of photoshop can do for you.


For a collaboration with Anna, interpreting this poem.
Anna chose it, and you should definately read the whole thing, it is so beautiful and has such a wonderful significance, way beyond a bird.
View Anna's incredible version here.

I really don't like this. It turned out terribly, even with the longest edit I've ever done.
I will probably delete this and try a different concept tomorrow, unless some of you guys like it and it just sickens me because I've been looking at for 5 hours.

But this shoot was awful. Nothing went as planned. First, I couldn't find the abandonded bird's nest which I had seen a few days before (yes, I threw together this "nest" with hay and twigs ugh), and second, I couldn't get a mach to stay lit for longer than .00004389753 seconds because of the crazy wind, and third (if I did manage to get the lit match alllll the way over to the nest), the.hay.would.not.catch. It burnt out in about 10 seconds, and never spread very far.

So yes. Hate. Hate. Hate.

On the forest floor,
Things get harder;
Worse than they were before,
More things die,
And drop to the ground.
Things vanish away,
Without making a sound,
And while they are now happy,
We can not ignore,
The bird we left there to die,
On the forest floor.

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  1. alina.♥ 25 months ago | reply

    this is not terrible at all! i love the light and the feathers <3

  2. Country Music :) 25 months ago | reply

    Oh my I love the grain and the little flames :)

  3. urban-feelings [deleted] 25 months ago | reply

    Perfect (:

  4. ktLaurel 25 months ago | reply

    The feathers floating in the air add an extra touch of magic. Such great work, your patience paid off, definitely!!!

  5. Celine Taylor 25 months ago | reply

    If you replace this, I will kill myself so please don't.

  6. the air we breathe. 25 months ago | reply

    Thank you Alina! :)
    :D Thanks
    Haha, nooo way, but thank you so much.
    Aww, thanks a ton! <3
    Well, I definately cannot replace this because if you kill yourself I'll have to kill myself.

  7. [ HalaH ] 24 months ago | reply

    this is soooo SO SO SO beautiful
    I really really really love
    i really think it turned out pretty well :)

  8. Olivia Paige. 24 months ago | reply

    Whaaaaaat? You hate this? Well I love it ^-^

  9. long live the car-crash hearts. [klaine♥] 24 months ago | reply

    This looks stunning large.
    I kinda stared at it like this: *_____*

  10. leah♥girl22 24 months ago | reply

    No, don't delete this! This is so amazing! - And I love picture you were inspired by too! It's so beautiful. :) Great poem too! Very,very good.

  11. the air we breathe. 24 months ago | reply

    Oh thank you Miss Halah dear<3
    Aww, Olivvviiiaaaa! Thanksss.
    Oh gosh, Lani, I kinda stared at this comment like this : <3____<3
    Thank you so much, love.
    Aww, thanks! And yes, I know! Amy is amazing! <3333
    Yesss I love that too. :P

  12. Ev0luti0nary 24 months ago | reply

    I LOVE THIS :D :D. you're so amazing McKayla :D :D :D
    the tones and the light is amazing :D :D :D

  13. Gabriella Corrado 23 months ago | reply

    ok I think your crazy. This is so amazing, you should be happy at how it came out!
    I really love it (:

  14. natur.echt 23 months ago | reply

    this is unbelievable beautiful. the moving, whit feathers make this photo perfect! i like it sooo much :)

  15. lille.ja 22 months ago | reply

    gorgeous details!

  16. stay infinite 12 months ago | reply

    ohh this is amazing, i love every single part of it

  17. annesepicphotography [deleted] 7 months ago | reply

    wow! i love this! such Amazing creativity...i love the light and the tones....awesome! :)

  18. Coralí Cros 3 months ago | reply

    love this one!!

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