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    I love the euphemism 'business girls' - thought you'd like it too, Paul. We *are* only five blocks from the ocean here, but I haven't seen many sailors about recently. Or 'business girls' for that matter - wrong neighbourhood, I'm afraid - I must move immediately.

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    1. Tim Burns, obmit 1 [deleted] 95 months ago | reply

      Well, I did it in the spirit of helpfulness.
      Nahpro, you are just showing off.

    2. ART NAHPRO 95 months ago | reply

      It is, er, interesting though. I cant really divine what causes a picture to be "interesting" enough to qualify. Apart from the obvious hits and favourites there seems to be an element of "who" is looking. So if someone who is "interesting" is looking at your images does that rub off? Maybe we should cultivate some more "interesting" friends.

    3. Tim Burns, obmit 1 [deleted] 95 months ago | reply

      Solea has commented that she was " black listed" but happily she has been reinstated. My bath pictures where highly viewed and commented on but not fave'd. they ddnt make, probably for that reason.
      I am sure there is some management selection.
      My dalmation picture picked up loads of pink stars by being high in the list.

    4. The Grand Duchess 95 months ago | reply

      Oh sh*t, is flickr playing the popularity contest?...are people really keeping count?
      I am naively playing along with the 'it's just for fun and friendship' attitude!
      Hey guys, I have been relaxing in the peace & quiet of the Maine woods and have no idea what you are really talking about....just having morning coffee and thought I'd say 'Good Morning'!!
      PS...Tim, I did not 'fave' your Dalmation on purpose....thought some of your other shots in Greece were much more interesting!

    5. ART NAHPRO 95 months ago | reply

      Good Morning GD. Is it a holiday in the US or is that tomorrow? Or Both?

      I don't go for popularity contests either-just curious how "interestingness" works.

    6. ART NAHPRO 95 months ago | reply

      I think we should keep commenting on this image and see what hapens.

    7. ART NAHPRO 95 months ago | reply

      It is a great photograph anyway.

    8. The Grand Duchess 95 months ago | reply

      I made a loooong weekend out of the July 4th holiday here, to coincide with getting that mural done for the fellow up in Presque Isle!!
      I was mainly trying to avoid being on the interstate highways with all the holiday drivers!!
      So, it has been a good excuse to visit with my daughter & her husband as well as get out of Connecticut which is tending to be more annoying each day!! (Connecticut, not my children!)
      They both had to work today so I have the computer, some good music as well as tons of birds singing outside and gentle breezes and sunlight filtering through the trees.....very peaceful:-)))))

    9. The River Thief 95 months ago | reply

      Man you guys have been having fun while I was sleeping. It's a long weekend for us Canadians too, you know.

      WB GD.

      Art, you, GD and Tim ARE my interesting friends - does it get any more interesting than that? I think not.

    10. The Grand Duchess 95 months ago | reply

      Aw, shucks! Thanks RT! I feel loved;-)))))))
      Normally I don't care one way or the other but you guys are special to me too.....XOXOXO!
      Getting out of a nice refreshing shower probably has a lot to do with my good mood also! LOL!
      Now, where is that Pimm's that Tim keeps on about???????

    11. ART NAHPRO 95 months ago | reply

      What holiday is it in Canada then? Its 6.35 pm here and we are having a mini heat wave. Summer most definitely here.

      Well big hugs all round then. I am in a good mood and yet to have a shower. Still trying to get over the dry flannel episode.

      Mrs Nahpro's sister and her elderly parents live in Connecticut near Madison on the Long Island sound. I always liked Connecticut the times we visited some of the shore towns are very pretty.

    12. The River Thief 95 months ago | reply

      LOL @ the dry flannel episode. Mustn't exfoliate *too* strenuously at our age, Arty. Saturday, July 1, was Canada Day, eh? Formerly known (you know, back in ancient history during my lifetime) as "Dominion Day" they had to change the name once we finally 'patriated' our constitution. Now if only we'd 'matriated' it instead things would be tickety boo.

      Yesterday I was kidnapped from my apartment and dragged across the street to play chess at an outdoor cafe. My opponent's end game left something to be desired and I attracted a certain amount of attention when I started yelling, "Finish me off quickly or I'll resign!"

      Those little magnetic travelling chess sets are interesting - hard to tell the bishops from the pawns and hard not to rearrange the entire board when you're trying to make your own move. Still, it was fun to play live, even if I should have worn my reading glasses to see the board.

    13. The River Thief 95 months ago | reply

      OMG Art - 156 of your collages made interesting - well I think a couple of your vintage family/found photos are in there too, but it's primarily the collages. NOW do you believe me that you must market them? Looks at Art's studio and wonders if there's any way to fit in a letterpress. Concludes sadly that the printing will have to be outsourced.

    14. The Grand Duchess 95 months ago | reply

      Paul, CT is a really pretty state...especially down along the shore on the sound....I currently have a piece hanging in a show at the Mystic Arts Center, another very picturesque seaside town...unfortunately, in the summer the whole place is inundated with tourists (both good & bad sorts) and too crowded to be much fun unless one is an avid 'people watcher' or loves crowds!!
      Much prefer Maine coastline or RI secluded beaches out of the reach of the hordes!!
      CT has too much traffic on it's roads to enjoy the scenery anymore unless one is prepared to hike off the beaten track and/or drive forever (difficult with the price of gas) to reach a quiet spot. Lots of very scenic rivers and trails in the NW corner where I live though so all is not lost yet. I probably just have itchy feet and need to move soon or else get horribly bored!

    15. Tim Burns, obmit 1 [deleted] 95 months ago | reply

      I am hot !

    16. The Grand Duchess 95 months ago | reply

      ...iced tea, Tim!
      Or Long Island Iced Tea if you prefer!
      .5 oz. Vodka
      .5 oz. Light Rum
      .5 oz. Gin
      .5 oz. Light Tequila
      .5 oz. Triple Sec

      Shake the booze with ice and strain into a tall glass. Fill the glass up with Cola and make your apologies in the morning. Can also be served over ice.

    17. The River Thief 95 months ago | reply

      Ha when I first looked at the recipe I thought it called for five ounces of each of those substances and I was going, whoa, those Grand Duchesses can sure drink ME under the table. I'll have a Sloe Gin Fizz instead please. Just to be difficult.

    18. The Grand Duchess 95 months ago | reply

      Gotta watch those decimal points;-)

    19. Newleaf 95 months ago | reply

      Wonderful. What city is it in?

    20. The River Thief 95 months ago | reply

      Vancouver, newleaf, in a very upper middle class area known as Kitsilano.

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