• Nice detail ! - Origami hunting
  • this part looks better on the first version - Michl W
  • even got a convincing saddle
    riding a kentaur, go figure ! - Michl W
  • the masonic pyramid on the dollar bill - Michl W
  • Etruscan face with pointed goatee - Michl W
  • Thanks for noticing.
  • I agree... the pleat that makes up this detail is larger on this version and the tail looks longer as a result.
  • Ride at your own peril.

$ Centaur

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This started as a doodle, messing about with molecules on a dollar bill, and it turned into a full fledged model that I rather like. It's also my first money fold that's entirely my own creation.

I tried it out on a dollar bill first but I didn't like the way the color/patterning worked out and I thought the proportions could be improved slightly (that's why he's in the back). Once I locked down the design I folded him again from a new ten dollar bill and achieved what I think are better results.

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  1. origamiPete 55 months ago | reply

    nice centaurs! =)
    edit: no, fantastic!

  2. joshua goutam [deleted] 55 months ago | reply


  3. Himanshu (Mumbai, India / Polska) 55 months ago | reply

    Cool! I like the overall form!

  4. the real juston 55 months ago | reply

    Thank you all... I was typing out my usual long-winded caption while you swooped in and commented. I'm just glad you all recognized it was a centaur without the aid of a title and description. ; )

  5. David Whitbeck [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

    That is clever! I hope you diagram it.

  6. madiyar.amerkeshev 55 months ago | reply

    really, it looks original!

  7. Joseph Wu Origami 55 months ago | reply

    Yes, nicely done. Good clean lines and graphic form.

  8. tskorigami 55 months ago | reply

    fantastic. I don't like billfolding myself, but you've taken it quite far!
    Congratulations on your super design.

  9. MV origami 55 months ago | reply

    Great gesture work: tail, forearm, lean of leg, and the two are unique of each other. Excellent!

  10. the real juston 55 months ago | reply

    Thank you, mahlerfan999! I might if I can work out a decent sequence for it. As of right now I'm just creasing and collapsing.

    Thank you, Madiyar!

    Thanks Joseph... that's high praise coming from you. I find the same qualities so attractive in your models.

    Thank you, tskorigami! I may do more dollar bill models... the aspect ratio of the dollar seems to lend itself to four legged creatures.

    Thanks M V! The more I look at the photo, the more I like the guy in the background. I'm still not sure which one is going to be the "official" version.

  11. Michl W 55 months ago | reply

    just doodling and messing ? LOL
    this is brilliant
    very interesting how the complex design of the rectangular banknote brings plasticity to the shape
    very nice you even got the shape of the broad hair over the hind hooves

  12. the real juston 55 months ago | reply

    Thank you Michl!

  13. tend2it 55 months ago | reply

    W.O.W ... this is amazing ... elegant and detailed design with excellent proportions (which can be a challenge working with money folds) ... I'd love to try it when diagrams are avail.

  14. the real juston 55 months ago | reply

    Thanks tend2it!

  15. long_quach2 3 weeks ago | reply

    How about this name:


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