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Salamis Class | by The Hydromancer
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Salamis Class

Sized for Mobile Frame Zero: Intercept Orbit, a Lego based tabletop tactical game. Based on the Salamis Class from Mobile Suit Gundam.


The Salamis is a frigate sized at 12 studs long, and comes with 6 main guns (3 forward mounted and 3 rear mounted), 2 missile a launcher pods, 6 point defense guns, and comm antennas mounted on secondary bridges mounted on the sides of the hull.


The Salamis class's lack of speed, ability to carry frames, and relative lack of 'punch' restrict it from independent operation. Instead the class usual acts as an escort for larger capital ships where multiple frigates working together can form effective screening forces for the more important task force leaders. While between the point defense, main guns, and long range missiles the Salamis is able to engage at all ranges of ship to ship combat, traditional naval doctrine usually reserves each ship in a force to a fixed engagement envelope. By fulfilling a predetermined role the ship contributes to the overall engagement strategy more effectively than the limited crew might otherwise.

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Uploaded on February 7, 2019