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Salamis Kai Class | by The Hydromancer
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Salamis Kai Class

Sized for Mobile Frame Zero: Intercept Orbit, a Lego based tabletop tactical game. Based on the Salamis Kai Class from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.


The Salamis Kai is a modified version of the lackluster but dependable Salamis class, and as such is also a frigate sized at 12 studs long. In order to bring the Salamis class into the modern era of frame focused combat, the Kai's forward bow has been modified to fit a hangar bay with a vertical lift elevator and topside launch catapult, necessitating the removal of one of the main guns. In order to increase the weight of the attacks the Kai could throw in medium range anti ship bombardments, the secondary bridges were replaced with duel main gun mounts, effectively increasing the total number of barrels to 9. Between the additional weapons and the widening of the bow for the hangar which also necessitated the removal of the missile pods, the Kai's role in combat is more definitely defined to medium range where it might better support the frames it launches. Finally, boosters were added to the engine to improve its overall speed.


The Kai represents a focused effort to improve the Salamis overall, but doesn't quite replace the original's role in the navy. Instead, the Kai is mostly likely to be seen serving as the lead vessel in a small task force comprised of several additional normal Salamis class ships operating in areas deemed less important or dangerous enough to warrant a true capital ship. Alternatively a ship or two of the Kai class may be attached to an existing task force to supplement the frame squads available for duty.



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Uploaded on February 7, 2019