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Magellan Class | by The Hydromancer
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Magellan Class

Sized for Mobile Frame Zero: Intercept Orbit, a Lego based tabletop tactical game. Based on the Magellan Class from Mobile Suit Gundam.


The Magellan Class is a battleship from days gone by. At 16 studs long the class is a considered that of a capital ship, but lacks the frame hangars and launch catapults that modern capital ships are traditionally known for. Instead the Magellans harken from an era of 'big guns diplomacy' where it was expected that the threat of a barrage from five twinned main gun mounts (five being the largest number of its seven gun mounts the Magellan could bring to bear in a broadside or chase configuration) would be enough to cow an opposing ship or space colony. The Magellan was intended to serve as the heart of a task force providing overwhelming firepower, while several Salamis class frigates provided protection and/or contributed their own firepower. As dedicated task force command ships the Magellans were also outfitted with extensive communication and targeting arrays to better coordinate fire control across the task force.


With the advent of mobile frames capable of dominating the tides of warfare, the Magellan class has suffered significant setbacks due to their low emphasis on point defense, slow cruising speed, and lack of ability to act as carriers. Regulated to rear echelon positions supplementing fixed position defenses more often than not, the Magellan is still rarely seen leading task forces comprised of Salamis Kai frigates that can provide the much needed mobile frame squadrons that the capital ship can't provide itself. In the even rarer case of the few large scale fleet on fleet actions that have so far taken place during the Solar Union's attempt to return law and order to the stars, multiple Magellans have actually been observed subordinated to modern capital ships spaced evenly through out the wall of battle to help extend the range of the command and control of the flagship in addition to contributing their own firepower to the fleet action.


Still, the Magellan class has found itself marginalized and pushed to the side by modern capital ships better equipped and even frigates that can perform their role with a fraction of the crew. Interestingly the Magellan is more likely to turn up in more questionable hands as of late, as more desperate forces acquire the ships through legal purchase as the SU sheds the class or raiding mothballed fleets keeping station in out the way and poorly defended locations. Whatever the case, opposing ships would do well to remember that while the class may lack modern sensibilities when it comes to naval design, its broadsides can still cause catastrophic damage to unwary foes that allow a Magellan to close for an alpha strike.

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Uploaded on February 9, 2019