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Pegasus Class | by The Hydromancer
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Pegasus Class

Sized for Mobile Frame Zero: Intercept Orbit, a Lego based tabletop tactical game. Based on the Pegasus Class from Mobile Suit Gundam.


The Pegasus Class capital ship is the epitome of the modern mobile frame carrier. 15 by 15 studs, this class jams everything a first tier naval captain could dream of into one elegant package; two hangars with sheltered launch catapults, eight missile tubes, two dual barreled compressed particle cannons, a state of the art command bridge with the latest in electronic warfare protection, two clusters of four powerful engines, and the ability to operate at the bottom of a gravity well due to its advanced anti-grav skirt system that's as expensive to maintain as it is to produce.


The Pegasus class operates as the core of a carrier strike group, often leading sizable groups of frigates and even occasionally other capital ships against the Solar Union's most grave challenges. If there is a system that must absolutely be retaken at all costs, or an enemy fleet forming to strike at a crucial transit gate, nothing draws the line in the proverbial sand like deploying one of the pride and joys of the Solar Union naval forces. Most often seen flying the colors of a Terran Expeditionary Marine flag admiral, rumors suggest that lone Pegasi are known to transit dangerously close to critical facilities for surgical mobile frame strikes with frightening effect. Shadowy and possibly illegal trials for prototype mobile frames, or the actions of an independent and desperate ship trapped behind enemy lines? The distinction, if even these rumors are true, often little comfort to the hulks of enemy ships and mobile frames surely left in it's wake.


For when elite mobile frames are assigned to a Pegasus, woe be unto any who dare cross under the shadow of its wings.

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Uploaded on February 9, 2019