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Sarahbae Class Capital Ship | by The Hydromancer
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Sarahbae Class Capital Ship

Class: Sarahbae (CFS-1XX)

Builders: Dramstellar Corp, GZ orbital shipyards, Colonia System

IOC: SC0232

Size: Capital (16 x 9)

Role: Carrier

Systems: 2 launch catapults with dedicated hangars and recovery decks, 1 networked 12 gun point defense grid, and 1 antiship charge particle accelerator

Ships of the Wall; Sarahbae (CFS-101), Cardinal's Crosier (CFS-102), Helican II (CFS-103), Resolution (CFS-104), and James Thorpe (CFS-105)


As the galactic frontier becomes more troubled and the Solar Union grows more tied down, independent megacorps must sometimes take painfully expensive measures to protect their most valuable star systems. Dramstellar's Colonia I orbital ship yards have been slowing working for over a decade to provide military grade ships for those willing to paid in cold hard Solar Wulongs for the ability to take the law into their own hands.


The Sarahbae Class carrier is a fully dedicated mobile frame mothership capable of housing two separate companies. Each company has access to its own drum hangar, launch catapult, and recovery deck which allows the companies to act independently of each other to maximize their effectiveness.


The ship is capable of solo extended deployments thanks to extensive fuel reserves and internal supply storage, but truly shines when supported by more aggressively designed ships that can provide cover and/or distractions from enemy ship fire while it focuses on supporting its frame companies.


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Uploaded on January 6, 2018