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Chubdam Mass Production type GZ Ricasth | by The Hydromancer
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Chubdam Mass Production type GZ Ricasth

Credit to Soren ( for the Chub base.


Chubdam Mass Production type GZ Ricasth. A cost effective compromise between a Chubdam and its Chub origins, the Ricasth seeks to adapt the functional updates of the Chubdam design while forgoing its more expensive features. The Ricasth seen here is purpose equipped for defending the space docks and support infrastructure of Dramstellar's GZ Shipyards around Colonia I, although a detachment has been observed deployed for overwatch duty of the megacorp's orbital interests above the semi-autonomous joint venture of Colonia II.


This Ricasth is notably outfitted with an oversized, rotatable jump pack that not only vastly increases the frame's ability to rapidly navigate through and around sprawling space docks due to its 8 maneuver jets, but also has a considerable fuel supply as well. The Ricasth operating time is arguably longer than that of its pilot, and in fact during times of prolonged alert status pilots are known to run alarms tied to the frame's threat system while they grab some beauty rest.

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Uploaded on October 9, 2018