Humla Limi Valley Trek, Dmitri Alexander
This is a set of photos taken on the Limi Valley Trek in Humla in the west of Nepal.

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Limi Valley

“Here in Limi, I felt as if I'd dropped through a trap door into another time, into a place where the world of Tibetan myth, of Shangri-La was still alive,” BBC historian Michael Wood.

Welcome to Limi, a hidden valley encircled by mountains in the far north western reaches of Nepal. It is Tibet in all but name. The Tibetan-speaking people of Limi’s three well-kept, medieval-looking, villages are friendly, proud and very welcoming. Halji’s Rinchenling Gompa is a fascinating structure over 800 years old. The ancient Kagyupa sect of Tibetan Buddhism is practiced here.

Life here is for the hardy, sustained by simple agriculture and traditional wooden handicrafts for trading in Tibet. Only recently did local collaboration with Nepal Trust bring solar lighting a health post to Limi. Now residents are looking at how responsible tourism can benefit their communities.

“We need to tell the world about Humla so they will want to come here,” lama Padma Riksal told National Geographic’s James Vlahos. “We need more tourists.”

While the final section of the GHT in Nepal, and the route to Mount Kailash, follows the roaring, turquoise Karnali river, ‘the pulse of the earth’, make the detour to Limi for an unique and unforgettable experience. You’ll be welcomed and your journey will make a difference.

“For some well-travelled and trekked people, myself included, Humla and the Limi Valley is simply the most beautiful place they have every visited.” Jamie McGuiness – Guide

“I think Humla is honestly one of the most culturally fascinating places in all of Nepal, a cultural tapestry woven from ancient Khasa kingdoms, ancestors of the grand Zhangzhung kingdom of the north, with a mix of Rajput and Thakuri blended into the mix.” Carol Dunham, anthropologist

•Remote Humla is often called the ‘Hidden Himalaya’
•Humla is the gateway to sacred Mt. Kailash
•The Sagar Dawa festival at Raling Gompa below Crystal Mountain celebrates
•The ancient salt trade traditionally carries salt on goats rather than yaks
•The highest mountain of the region is Mt. Saipal (7031m)
•Visit from May through November
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