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This is a water proof match stick container that I have epoxy bark from a dead tree on to to completely hide it. I have attached a bolt thru the lid and silicone it for water proofing. Inside on the head of the bolt is a magnet.


Now I know you are probably wondering why a magnet on the inside. Well you see, there is a little known pedistian bridge that crosses a creek between to businesses. I used to have a cache, a magnetic altoid tin under the bridge over the middle of the creek. It came up missing after a couple of years so I wanted to do something harder.


Over the water is an old dead tree that comes over to the bridge on one side close to the middle. Yes it is dead. You can reach out and touch it. So what I did was drill a small hole on the back side of it and countersunk the opening so the whole thing slides in. You cant see the bolt or the bottom of the container because of this countersinking so it looks like a nub of an old branch. Yes quite tricky.


Oh the magnet you say, what is it about the magnet. Well in the page it says you are looking for a magnetic container. I never said it was stuck using the magnets but everyone assumes it and looks all over the steel bridge. fellow cachers, I call that Sleight of Hand and throwing the audience off. Yes, it is evil!

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Taken on April 3, 2009