Blood Spatter

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    Yes, it's spatter, not splatter.

    Several passive drops of blood dropped from varying angles ranging from 10º to 60º at a height of 30 inches creating an elongating shape in most drops. A few drops also overlap creating some satellites in the drip pattern, and a larger splash area.

    It doesn't look as good as it should, because I put it in my folder with a piece of paper on top of it, and it got stuck to the paper while I was taking a nap. So it dried up and it looks a bit worse because of the paper that got stuck to it when removed.

    Odd facts: Used in a Polish article about emulating the CSI-kind of stories on a gaming session. I only know because they wrote back to me. Good guys, they are.
    Used in a blog article about primal peculiar foods you probably haven't eaten.
    Is used in the cover of this book:Writer's Workshop of Horror.

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    1. Kevin Held What 74 months ago | reply

      Interesting photo, next time I get a nose bleed, maybe I'll do this, haha.

    2. Aaron15063 69 months ago | reply

      I want to do this.

    3. bang bang smash smash 61 months ago | reply

      hi! i was wondering if i could use this picture for a book project i am doing for school. it is perfect and i would give you full credit. my email address is man it would be SO great if i could use this! lizzy

    4. plumecritique 61 months ago | reply

      Hello Heo,

      I would like to have your approbation for illustrating with this suberbe garphik à literature book from my création who is going to be édit... in France. I'm french and my book is in french language. I've understood your copyright licence, neverless the thing is that i will shure not commercialise your picture but il will be an official cover for the book who will be commercialised. Is that ok ? (either I can put your name illustrator in the crédits or i can pay you a one time licence (at a little price... please, i'm not rich!) Thank you for ansewring me (Feel free to email me : )

    5. Midnight Marauder 53 months ago | reply

      heo is gettin paid!

    6. Ron's Iterations 53 months ago | reply

      I used this photo for a shot I was doing for 365 self-portraits in one year thanks for making it creative commons.

      48/365 I Lost My Head

    7. unitedreformedchurch 50 months ago | reply

      We are using this image on the United Reformed Church home page, for Palm Sunday. Thanks for releasing this image under a Creative Commons licence.

    8. Billy-Fish 46 months ago | reply

      Used your great work here - many thanks :-)

      Blood Sports

    9. Weaponizer 46 months ago | reply

      Hi, I've used your image as the cover of a short story on my website. Check it out here:

      If you have any objections please let me know - I have credited you at the bottom of the page. All the writing under our site is also Creative Commons.

      Thanks! Your photos are awesome.

    10. Heo2035 46 months ago | reply

      No problem everyone that used my picture. Also, I like your story. =D

      And that's a really good picture of the Colosseum.

    11. Yazman Yuhana 45 months ago | reply

      helo mr heo. I;m working on a film poster, and i need an effect of a spilled blood. I would like to ask your permission to use the image above as part of the poster. can I Mr Heo2035? :)

    12. Heo2035 45 months ago | reply

      For sure dude.

    13. Billy-Fish 44 months ago | reply

      Used it again here - many thanks :-)

      It's a Survival Trait!

    14. Billy-Fish 37 months ago | reply

      Used your great texture again here, many thanks :-)


    15. Mustafa4u 35 months ago | reply

      Dear Concerned,

      This is to request you to kindly grant me the permission to use and modify the above image for the purposes of the cover-page and the back-page of my book and its copies and for all other related commercial purposes , giving you credit for it inside.

      I look forward to your prompt cooperation,

      Thank you,
      Mustafa Mustansir

    16. Billy-Fish 35 months ago | reply

      LOVE this texture! Which is why I keep coming back to it again and again :-)

      Bloodied and Battered, but Definitely NOT Beaten

    17. SGRL 30 months ago | reply

      Your blood spatter is so awesome I would love to incorporate it into a T-Shirt I am designing. Would that be okay with you?

    18. Heo2035 30 months ago | reply

      Of course. Please report back! I always enjoy seeing the results.

    19. fma3110 20 months ago | reply

      thanks for sharing this image under Creative Commons License; I used (and credited) it in this multimedia short novel, a story where text, images and music are part of the experience, which is released in turn under Creative Commons License.
      Your image was exactly what I needed for the very last scene.
      Thanks again and best regards.

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