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Panel 1&2) The ship breaks out of the wormhole—you can design this out any way you want—I want a sort of silent explosion as the far end of the wormhole is sort of punctured letting the ship fly out into normal space.


Lucas: Emergence!


Oksana: We’re home!


Panel 3 & 4) The ship falls into orbit around a planet that is clearly not Earth. This world is much younger than Earth, with the red tips of volcanoes visible in many places, their glow reflected in the gray-green clouds that scud over the surface.


Jessica: No we’re not! That is not Earth!


Panel 5) Cut back to the interior of the ship. Everyone is now very busy, going over controls, examining readouts—doing all the things that can be done when something has gone horribly wrong.


Lucas: The drive functioned perfectly, emergence was right on the money.


Jessica: Navigation was spot on.


Judith: So what happened?


Panel 6) Cut to Oksana who is looking into a screen at one of the upper consoles, tapping controls with her fingertips.


Oksana: It appears to be a theoretical problem...


Oksana (two): Despite what the scientists believed—the wormholes are not two-way.

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Taken on September 29, 2009