Shirley 60th cake ~ plant pot details

Here's a close up of the flower pots, I decided as it was a nice day that it was apt to take pics of the garden cake in my garden! - it also allowed me to practice doing blurry backgrounds (my technical jargon is legendary! .... that was especially for Claire - of course I mean DoF! ) .... shame it doesn't hide the dead patch of grass in the background, I raked up the moss and then went in for a cup of tea and didn't go back out .... for over a week! - oops! ... still the birds were taking moss for nesting so I left them to it hoping they'd take the whole pile! .... they didn't, but I s'pose its hard to push a wheel-barrow when you're flying!


Apart from the fabulous sugar shell coated chocolate rocks (thanks to Cindy!) this is all fondant with cmc

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Taken on August 4, 2007