• very groovy & very tasty crispy sugar shell chocolate rocks sent to me by the wonderful Cindy!
  • note added for Mark .... greenfly?!
  • perfect!! Grace - ♥Dot Klerck....♥
  • leaves cut using a large Margarete cutter x

Shirley 60th cake ~ plant pot details

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Here's a close up of the flower pots, I decided as it was a nice day that it was apt to take pics of the garden cake in my garden! - it also allowed me to practice doing blurry backgrounds (my technical jargon is legendary! .... that was especially for Claire - of course I mean DoF! ) .... shame it doesn't hide the dead patch of grass in the background, I raked up the moss and then went in for a cup of tea and didn't go back out .... for over a week! - oops! ... still the birds were taking moss for nesting so I left them to it hoping they'd take the whole pile! .... they didn't, but I s'pose its hard to push a wheel-barrow when you're flying!

Apart from the fabulous sugar shell coated chocolate rocks (thanks to Cindy!) this is all fondant with cmc

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  1. the-icing-on-the-cake. (Jo) 59 months ago | reply

    here's a close up of the flower bed opposite....

  2. Estripulia - Marcia 59 months ago | reply


  3. Claire Sutton 59 months ago | reply

    He heh! Lovely.

  4. cdgleason 59 months ago | reply

    I'm so glad the chocolate candies were able to be used in a manner that I had in my mind when I bought them for you!!
    I think they look perfect!!

    It's nice to see such a close up photo of the tiny pots of flowers!! It looks like you must have used the smallest of cutters!! Did you use a cutter for the leaves too??

    I would love to learn how to take a photo with the blurry background!!
    and your technical lingo is very impressive!!

  5. Christina's Dessertery 59 months ago | reply

    You are simply the best at this! Great job.

  6. abbietabbie 59 months ago | reply

    These are favourite bit of the cake .... so tiny and perfect ! You must have very nimble fingers !

    Oh, and the DOF is spot on !

  7. Kristopher Michael 59 months ago | reply

    Such an awesome shot! :)

    *Seen in Explore!

  8. the-icing-on-the-cake. (Jo) 59 months ago | reply

    WOW! - *Explore!* fab - thanks for the heads-up!

  9. {Freddy} 59 months ago | reply

    this is just adorable! I love the plant pots!!

  10. sayondas 59 months ago | reply

    The color combination is very impressive......

  11. nontaburi 59 months ago | reply

    cute portrait :)

  12. H.Tilbe [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Moments of ART, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  13. nontaburi 59 months ago | reply

    cute portrait :)

  14. nontaburi 59 months ago | reply

    is magic! :o

  15. simoncampbell 58 months ago | reply

    love your work, brilliant.

  16. Kavingate 58 months ago | reply

    The thing that blows me away the most about your work, Jo, is the DETAILS!!!! You are the bomb!

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