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drivers [typology]

drivers [typology]


something approaching 30,000 motor vehicles pass by the front of my house every day.


this is a conservative estimate.


did i mention oil is finite?


and worldwide car ownership is increasing.


china and india have yet to make their presence felt in terms of mass car sales.


car ownwership in china is set to explode.


goldman sachs predict that car ownership in china will be greater than india or america and could stand at around 420 million in the next forty years.


[source - see prediction graph]


420 million.


india now has the cheapest commercially available car.




did i mention oil is finite?


if you think anything on the planet can stop the inexorable rise of the automobile, you are engaging in lunacy.


as with consumerism, there will be an inevitable denouement.


by devouring oil, the automobile is slowly and surely devouring itself.


as demand increases, supply diminishes.


a recipe for disaster.

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Taken on May 21, 2010