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gods own transvestite. | by theG™
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gods own transvestite.



see below.


there is a man that helps out at my mother's chosen church of worship.


he also feels he needs to worship at this church.


he is six feet one inches tall. broad shouldered. and happens to walk, no pun intended, like a man.


though he, out of choice, wears a skirt, wears makeup, and dresses and acts, to all intents and purposes, as a woman.


it frankly shocks the fuck out of me that women such as my mother [and others who are far far more moronically judgemental] have accepted this being into their 'church'.


it also makes me think that even in the midst of the most disgusting and intolerant religious sexism, racism and despicable xenophobia that the catholic church has to offer, even people as blinkered as my own mother, and her [as mentioned] even more blinkered co knee benders, can tolerate [sic] and even deign to accept this chronic abberation as a fellow church member.


tonight, i asked my mother if this man had:


offered any bile or hatred toward others?


tried to co-opt anybody in any way to live as he does? [catholic child rapers and wife beaters take note].


offered violence to any who may disagree with his lifestyle?


she said no.


he did not.


he served tea, and cake, and offered solace and succour to those who talked to him.


a true priest?


a transvestite jesus in a skirt?


though of course, do not bishops and popes wear the equivalent of a skirt?


are they god's trannys?


this may go some small way for atoning for the abhorrent and wholly despicable way organised religion has treated women in the past.


and the fact that this is a man dressed as a women is even more morally delicious.


shame on all churches and religions for treating women as 'underlings' and somehow 'inferior'.


and given the new and frightening 'african model', the organised religions keep wishing to treat women just as disgustingly in the same way for the foreseeable future.


the pope wears a fucking dress.


isn't that reason enough to forgive?


once again, fucking lunatic idiocy.



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Taken on March 5, 2010