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flickr 'relationships' [aka 'bullshit detector']

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flickr 'relationships'.

goodness, what a fucking hornets nest!! ;o

let us move on, with a measure of decorum if that is possible!

flickr 'relationships'?

what are they?

i have seen them.

i have been touched dearly and very deeply by them.

hopefully, i will continue to be touched by them every day from this point forward.

indeed, it can be said i am 'in one' [and gladly so].

i have seen people meet in the real world through an initial contact through flickr.

these 'meetings' have made wonderful connections that may well last lifetimes.

this is [in actual fact] one of the only 'modern' miracles i have ever witnessed.

i have seen people celebrate the connections they have made through this entirely revolutionary social network.

and yet.

the caveat!

the sheer number of fucking cretins, dickless wonders and pretenders.

fakers, idiots, people who steal the work of others, people who construct an entirely bogus 'version' of themselves, humans who do not have the courage to even offer a slim slice of thier own self, but wish to live behind some sham plastic curtain of 'created' reality.

i am left in wonder. why do these people engage in this pattern of behaviour?

balls [gender free]

now now now.

we must discuss other pertinent facts.

and the real world impinges.


great job.
lip gloss.
creativity [sic].
vicarious marriage.
vicarious fucking.
male hand jobs .
female hand jobs.
the ideal.
the ideal.
the ideal.
the ideal.
great job.
physical attraction.
and reality.
great job.
reality that cannot be represented
by a photograph.
which is a pictorial
and empirical

you do not know me

you can only know me by living with me

and that may well wreck your percieved view.

[or that 'lack' may well simply magnify your view of me]

how is it for you?

you want real or flickr?

real or meat?

i am not about to offer opinion with regard to freudian interpretation, or indeed any other interpretation.

though i will comm with respect to what others comm.

to end.

flickr relationships, what think you pilgrim?


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  1. Plumbelina 53 months ago | reply

    Damnit. I don't have a Flickr husband.
    I feel left out. Humph....;))

    Your words are rockin' as per usual Paul.
    Happy ho ho ho holidays to you sir.
    And big hugs xo:))))

    Saw This at The Factory.

  2. RedHead66 * Marla [deleted] 53 months ago | reply

    SOL: I love you, too ;)

  3. travelhaha 53 months ago | reply

    I saw this Great Photo in Group :
    Cosplay set 11c
    Please tag your photo: 攝影發燒友

  4. Julian Holtom 53 months ago | reply


    What a worthy contribution to this thread...

  5. A Dharma Bum 53 months ago | reply

    Jules, i'm actually painfully laughing aloud.....

    Relaxed after a day's work.

    I saw this Great Photo in Group :

    Please tag your photo: 攝影發燒友

  6. theG™ 53 months ago | reply

    @ jules and dah bum - cool your bloody jets people :)
    it's a language barrier thang.
    travelhaha is 100% cool.

    laters nice people :)

    the|G|™ photostream

  7. A Dharma Bum 53 months ago | reply

    i know the|G|™, i was just kidding although i usually hate myself after cruel jokes as this, i really mean that :o

    i'm familiar with these icons, i see them a lot in your stream and i know that they are without comments because of language barrier.

    so guys, what about these flickr relationships??

  8. Strength ~vs~ Weakness 53 months ago | reply

    Network friednships / relationships, whatever you want to call them are usually temporary. Of coarse there is the case by case, but I believe in general it is temporary. Although you can always remain respectful towards people who comment, write, understand your art, but often your own styles evolve & are influence by others running the ball around here, so friendships / relationships tend to fade. Personally, there are so many other places to post your art, you can own your own domaine for cheap if not for free and run Google adds for traffic, but in the end, we're all here for attention & recognition. I know I am... I love it when people love my pics!!! It makes me feel warm & useful!

    Always bringing up topics G, love it!

  9. RC Gold 53 months ago | reply

    I'm here for the free beer.
    Nice "mind-candy" -thanks for posting!!!

    Saw This at The Factory.

  10. sp.neale 53 months ago | reply

    a flickr meet would either invoke unhealthy levels of jealousy (this swine is far better/more popular than me) or contempt (this swine is more popular than me)

    but then I am a small man in many ways

  11. theG™ 53 months ago | reply

    @ sp.neale - or comparable bouts of hubris [i am better than this swine] :)
    the|G|™ sets

  12. Ana.Caldas 53 months ago | reply

    brilliant words! brilliant discussion! so true!!! so, so true!
    funny cause when i came her for the first time i never tought to meet these people face to face. i had an awful experience in a portuguese site of photography where those silly people i met only made loosing my time...so i tought it was excelent here, that possibility of no 2meet face to face" any one. but we change, and yes, i meet already people face to face from here and the result is onviously good.
    I want the real. not the virtual.
    Flickr is a wonderful territory!

  13. 48 months ago | reply

    I think that everyone loves flickr relationships so much because there is no responsibility involved. And many of the moocows and anti-moocows are terrified of interpersonal responsibility. You can sign off whenever you like.

    I also think that they are without a doubt LESS intimate. Watching your love piss and shit and brush his/her teeth in the morning over and over and over is such a moving experience.

  14. inigo enico 48 months ago | reply



    the image

  15. Luis Drayton 47 months ago | reply

    You know it yourself - 99% is STILL shit! And yet, I've made some wonderful friends through flickr (craig r4, and also dou_ble_you and Die Brucke 2009, both of whom have also commented on the above image)... :)
    Oh yeah - I love the tags! :D

  16. matt kk 21 months ago | reply

    nice statment

  17. samjohnn 12 months ago | reply

    Awesome image, so many possible statements in this. Will be using on www.hloom.com/

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