80:365 Roberto in the Snow

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    Living in Colorado occasionally presents interesting dilemmas. You're invited to a holiday party, say. The hosts of said party happen to be pretty well-off, and pretty well-off people in Colorado tend to live in large, rustic-chic homes up this canyon or that. Sometimes, these homes are at the end of steep, snow-packed driveways that a Honda Odyssey may or may not be able to climb.

    In this case, it was not able.

    Roberto, however, is a master behind the wheel of a minivan, and was able to avoid disaster as well as a few trees to guide us into a spot to park on flat lower ground. It turned out to be a lovely little walk back down the car when we left the party (wine helps to keep one warm in such circumstances). I wonder what it's like to live in a snow globe like they do?

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    1. ☼Sol.Digital☼ [deleted] 74 months ago | reply

      Congratulations, I saw this wonderful photo in
      "as beautiful as you want" group

    2. donnjmck 74 months ago | reply

      It's weird - I've never met either of you yet sometimes when I look at both of your photos and read the captions I have this strange feeling of "oh yeah, that sounds just like her/him". This is one of those instances - somehow I knew that Roberto is a master at driving a minivan :-)

    3. Randomographer 74 months ago | reply

      great job on the processing here! even though I was there, this image really makes the setting feel much more dramatic and emotional.

      donnjmck not only am I a master at driving a minivan (I just call it a van, btw), I am a master at driving anything with a throttle and steering controls. kinda like Anakin Skywalker in Episode I. ;)

    4. jacqueline gaines 74 months ago | reply

      I am always eager to see your daily postings and entries ... and this one is particularly entertaining. The story aside, your processing of this memorable moment is beautiful, Robyn ... love the snow ... and the glow! Hope you guys have a great weekend (and safe driving)!!

    5. that robyn girl 74 months ago | reply

      [https://www.flickr.com/photos/megadigital] Thanks!
      donnjmck I get that sometimes, too! He might "call it a "van," but it's a minivan all the way. Automatic soccer-mom doors and everything ;-)
      Randomographer Thank you! It's always dramatic and emotional with us about, so happy I was able to capture that ;-)

    6. Elle van der Wagt 74 months ago | reply

      This is a great shot Robyn, and the story is just so good!!!!

    7. that robyn girl 74 months ago | reply

      jacqueline gaines Coming from the Queen of iPhone art, that is high praise indeed! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, as well! :-)
      Elle Otter Thank you! I'm happy it doesn't sound like rambling (as it often does in my head).

    8. Odd American 74 months ago | reply

      I miss Colorado. I did a 10 year stint in Summit County.

    9. Sian74 74 months ago | reply

      Living in a snow globe - what a wonderful description! Fab shot too - that snow makes me want to don glasses, and with those snuggly gloves throw a snowball or two - did you?

    10. BLACK EYED SUZY 74 months ago | reply

      Great capture, we got snow here now too. Stop sending it my way!!!! Dandelions cant grow in snow, LOL!!!

    11. that robyn girl 74 months ago | reply

      Todd S Super pretty up there. Still, I'd take the ocean over the mountains any day ;-)
      Sian74 Ha ha, I think Robert knows better ;-) I'm a fan of photographing the white stuff, or observing its decent from under a blanket, but I HATE being cold more than anything.
      Susan Blase Sorry! Blame Vancouver!! Lol.

    12. Stephanie Roberts 74 months ago | reply

      I SO love your processing and your story. The snow really does glow, and perhaps that is because of the sheer star power of the man behind the wheel. Oh, how do they do it?? Hahaha. More likely it's the sheer star power of the woman behind the camera, but you two make such a lovely team!

      (And now we have Coldplay, iPhoneography and the Honda Odyssey in common, plus I'm with you on ocean vs. mountains.)

      Does living in a snowglobe means it snows inside their house?

    13. that robyn girl 74 months ago | reply

      Stephanie Roberts I love how you're keeping track! :-) The snow doesn't glow so much, but it DOES sparkle! See, snow is supposed to sparkle. Vampires are not ;-)
      Chris Collins Really?!? It's just skipped right over you guys, eh?

    14. Grant Simon Rogers 73 months ago | reply

      great picture and story...

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