• I'm getting cleaner on my gluing since this earlier bobble.....not to mention the bobble is now better!
  • a better bobble? - Alan Evil
  • this guy bobbles like you haven't seen before!

Bobble Bushy Dog aka Boomer the Dog

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I'm starting to put dog heads on male torsos....because when you get down to it....men are just dogs. Though as this bushy bobble head shows, that's not always a bad thing.

  1. Theresa Thompson 67 months ago | reply

    Has anyone ever referred to you as "Sid?"

  2. That Car 67 months ago | reply

    it is such a compliment when they do! The "skelator barbie" reminds me of the two of you and the Penny Car.

  3. IMAllen 67 months ago | reply

    I'm glad that children everywhere love the skull headed bubble figures! We all should take a lesson from you and put more thought and creativity in our lives.

  4. That Car 67 months ago | reply

    Allen - thanks.....I'd say you have plenty of thought and creativity in your life.....though it's all a relative thing.

  5. Alan Evil 67 months ago | reply


    You're perverting our youth! : D

  6. That Car 67 months ago | reply

    and perverting our evangelics

  7. Alan Evil 67 months ago | reply

    Mmmmm, perverse evangelicals. Yummy.

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