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Steve Jobs talking on a prerelease iPhone tucked in his front pocket | by thane
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Steve Jobs talking on a prerelease iPhone tucked in his front pocket

Either he talks to himself when listening to music, or he's got an iPhone in his pocket.


"Hey—I'll give you $500 for that thing!"


Here's another photo of Jobs, taken in the same place a couple months later.


***Note added later (2018)****


Sometime in September 2012 someone sent me (Thane Plambeck) a rough transcript of a podcast in which this photo was discussed, by someone. i don't know who it was. It might have been John Gruber of "daring fireball." anyway here is the transcript:


"And remember there were ah—pictures. I think there was a picture of Steve Jobs using an iPhone at a game. It's one of the best pictures of him—no, a soccer game."


"Right—it's the ultimate humble bread."


"I've got to put that on the show now. It's terrible that I can even remember that. So, anyway, he had no problem using it in public. It had already been unveiled. Kind of funny though. It's one of the best pictures I can remember of Jobs because it seemed like—well, it's just one of the very few casual photos of him on the web in his prime. And it's to the credit of the tech industry that it's nothing like the hollywood paparazzi culture, and who else would there really be? I mean, if there had been a paparazzi industry in Silicon Valley, people would have hounded him. It was just a guy, and another guy at a soccer game."




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Uploaded on March 4, 2007