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distance | by ethan.john
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I changed my diet slightly. My goal was to increase my protein-to-carbohydrate ratio in my diet, since traditionally that ratio has been overwhelming in favor of the kinds of calories that do not build muscle.


This mostly takes the form of just a few changes: I eat soy nuts and beef jerky instead of corn chips with lunch; I eat fruit when I have a (rare) craving for sweets at work; I pass on morning donuts when people bring them; I skip french fries and the like when we eat out. It's been about a week doing this. It's not bad and although it's too early to say for sure, I'm pretty sure it's changing things already. Distance from the weaker version of myself.


I have an interview tomorrow with another organization within Isilon. It's more of a programmer position than I've ever had before. It's on a much smaller team. It's new technologies. I'm hoping the interviews go well. Distance from my current job.


I find myself working harder, more often, and feeling good about it. I come home and do what Cori calls "nesting" -- organizing things, cleaning the kitchen (jesus that job is just never done), etc. I'm doing yardwork, going to the gym, and shooting photos instead of brewing beer and playing video games. I'm not sure the former is better than the latter, but it's distance.


A friend stopped working at Isilon a while ago, and another got too busy to come to lunch once a week. As a result my old crowd of work friends has slowly been disintegrating. I'm partly to blame there, spending more time with folks on my future team than with the old hands. I mean to change that, but I see Jake outside of work, right? Sigh.


But Cori and I seem closer than ever. It has always seemed so effortless with her, and lately more than ever.



Photoshop's Refine Edge brought me out of the background here and let me put the pattern in the background. The dim circle on the right is an artifact of Content Aware Fill getting rid of a light fixture and me being too lazy to fix it after I noticed it too late.

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Taken on June 21, 2011