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Roth Scream box

UPDATE! For Sale here:


I finished this today. It's a box with a button. When you push the button, it plays a random David Lee Roth scream. Arduino based, with adafruit's wav shield. Runs on a 9v battery. The red button on the upper right is the power button, the knob on the upper left is volume. The speaker is in the bottom of the case.


I will have similar units to this one available for sale at in the coming months.


For those of you interested in hearing things other than DLR screams (weirdos) the units I make will ship with test sounds on them, and you'll be able to put any sounds you want on it by copying files to an SD card and changing the file names. I will not actually distribute audio recordings of the esteemed Mr. Roth. I don't want the record company coming for my drill press.

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Uploaded on March 19, 2012