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Hotel Hotel Inky Girls & Inky Inky @ Independence Park, Pearland Inky hogs the air matttress Inky goes fishing Inky & Bull Terrier Kids & Inky Again Lily & Inky Claire, Lily & Inky Jeepie and Gypsy Jeepie and Gypsy Lily & Gypsy Help! Claire & Gypsy Lily & Gypsy Clydesdale Check Barton Springs Inky Crocodile Inky @ Barton Springs

Camp Pit Bull teaches house manners and "real life" training for shelter and stray American Pit Bull Terriers. We foster stable dogs and bring out the best in the breed through fair, consistent behavior modification in a busy family setting. We walk miles daily, we travel, we attend public events, we make friends along the way! Adopt a Camp Pit Bull dog!

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Donna Lethal [deleted] says:

I LOVE that you are doing this! Keep up the great work!
Posted 101 months ago. ( permalink )

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jenrosesegrest says:

Go Camp Pit BUll
Posted 99 months ago. ( permalink )

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