Pipkin Drug Store, Waco, Texas, 1940s-1950s
Pauline Pipkin Garrett owned and operated one of the Southwest’s largest independently owned drugstore chains. Began by her father, William P. Pipkin, in 1898, it started out as W.P. Pipkin Drugs with its first store located at 418 Elm Avenue. It eventually became known as Pipkin Rexall Drugs by the 1960s.

This set of images shows several of the seven stores located in Waco that made up the Pipkin Drug Store chain. Several stores transferred to new locations during the company's existence from 1898-1963. The set shows some of these older locations and newer buildings as they made upgrades.

The people that made the company operate are also shown in many candid images. The set gives good insight into how a late 1940s-1950s drug store chain looked and how the employees ran it.
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