"Boycott Bingo"

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    The card sent into TMS by Jen Bromley from Cambridge

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    1. printingpublishing 97 months ago | reply

      Of all things spin:
      "Johnny Wardle would 'av turned it square"
      "He's never gunner take 19 wickets like Tony Lock who was a proper spinner" . . .in spite of teh fact that Wardle and Lock may have been assisted by the legendary uncovered pitches.

    2. wok2 97 months ago | reply

      On the fourth test: "I can't see any way how England can win this Test from what I've seen so far. A draw would do. If you were an opener, you'd be queueing up to bat on this compared to Perth."

    3. RibboDotCom 97 months ago | reply

      "he just bowled a pie!"

    4. jamyanglosmasos 97 months ago | reply

      Worr-abewt: "these days, fielders throw t'ball in from t'boundary oop in the air in a grate bigg loowp. When I played, we threw it in properly, 'ard an' flat in a straight line, reet ter 'top o' stoomps. Lazy boogers!"

    5. salmonleft 97 months ago | reply

      "you've got to get yourself IN before you get yourself out"

    6. ndgut3 95 months ago | reply

      "I got more Test wickets than Agnew, look it up in the records".

    7. rich_bond_11 95 months ago | reply

      Met Sir Geoff in Mumbai airport back in March 2006 while waiting to bored a flight - when asked by two young Indian lads where they'd gone wrong in that test match Geoff's repost was excellent -

      T' bl**dy toss. You don't win t' toss and put oppo into bat on that track, you need you bumps feeling!

      Made my day.

    8. pheasantscroft 94 months ago | reply

      Rules for Crem-Bingo

      Each person attending a crem service picks/is alocated three words, each of which relatye to the life of the deceased.
      Listen to the priest at the crematorium speak of the deceased person's life.
      First to have all three words spoken out wins!

      Crem services are so dull and soul-less that something has to fill the void.

    9. palewell 94 months ago | reply

      "Nobody's going to make me take my hat off, wherever I am. I won't have people seeing my bald patch." "I was a boring batsman, and now I'm a boring commentator."

    10. kingsroadcsc 94 months ago | reply

      And if the game's at Headingley: "There be snakes in t'pitch"

    11. jampal 91 months ago | reply

      That is everything Boycott isn't: Brilliant, a credit to his sport and entertaining. :-)

    12. camouflagephotos 89 months ago | reply

      "I remember when I was on 99 not out"

    13. long-term run [deleted] 89 months ago | reply

      "add 2 wickets to the score"
      "look, he's a lovely lad, but..."
      "knock 'em over, nine ten jack"
      approval of tail end batsmen who "get on with it, keep the game moving"
      "not too clever"

      and more generally, several times a day,

      "I said, when [just before something happened] that [wisdom of 20-20 hindsight]"

    14. alexcassells 89 months ago | reply

      Never calling Eoin Morgan by his name, instead referring to him solely as 'The Irishman'

    15. Grez_H 89 months ago | reply

      I might have missed these in the plethora of early comments, but...
      "He's got to keep that left elbow high."
      "Mustn't do anything silly"

    16. quickest home [deleted] 89 months ago | reply

      Millitary medium

    17. long-term run [deleted] 89 months ago | reply

      "queuing up to bat"

    18. waverley610 89 months ago | reply

      ..and this week; Strauss getting "sweded"

    19. alimos76 89 months ago | reply

      And lucky to get nought.

    20. waverley610 89 months ago | reply

      "my mate Brian Clough said.... "

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