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this is the start of a little series called "if you really knew me."


I guess you could say these are things I keep hidden...


if you really knew me, you’d know that:


the one thing that scares me to death is losing someone…and not because of death but because they chose to leave.


I betrayed the trust of a friend that I care so much about, more than he’ll ever know. and I’m afraid that he doesn’t trust me the way he used to...he doesn't know if he trusts me the same way he used it wrong of me that I'd rather have a flat out 'no, I don't trust you' instead of 'I don't know if I do'? :/


Underneath that smile that I put on my face everyday, I’m hurting...but I don’t say a word. Because I want you to think I have it together, when the truth is that I don’t. at all.


I am the most emotionally messed up person you will ever come across. that is the one thing in this life that I am sure of.


The people that end up hurting me the most are the people that I love the most.


I’ve always been afraid that I’m not good enough for anyone. that's why I think I’m going to end up alone…



September 12, 2010


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