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Breitling waterproof watch model 1884 | by AtlantaTerry
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Breitling waterproof watch model 1884

I wanted this Breitling 1884 waterproof watch to look like a diver just came to shore in the middle of the night.


The tile department of a nearby Home Depot store had some very interesting handmade tiles from India from which to select. These tiles are multi-colored and have very uneven surfaces. It looks to me as though workers in India take local dirt, make it into a thick mud, place it into a form then let it sit in the sun to bake thereby creating tiles. Very interesting colors and textures result. I wanted to use one of them so the watch would look like it was sitting on rocks.


I propped up the tile at a slight angle so it would reflect the white wall and ceiling of my studio. The wall and ceiling would act as a very large reflector. To test the angle I placed a 5x7" mirror on the tile. I put a blue Rosco gel over the strobe illuminating the wall and ceiling so any of those reflections from the watch or tile would be blue, not white. The tile was sitting in a small rectangular container from the kitchen to catch any excess water.


One light to camera left was bounced off a white card to create the non-blue highlight and illuminate the watch dial.


The camera was positioned on an angle opposite that of the tile until the camera was at an approximate right angle to the tile.


To expand the watch band I placed a wooden clothes pin inside. Museum wax secured the watch to the tile while it was still dry.


I started spraying water on the watch to make it seem as though the owner had just come to shore and the watch was still wet. I did not like the effect of the water drops on the watch crystal so I wiped it off but made sure the metal parts of the watch remained wet.


Then to my surprise when I poured water on the tile it became slick and rippled looking. Very cool and just what I wanted.


camera: Nikon D70

lens: Micro-Nikkor 55mm

lights: two 800WS Alien Bee strobes

gel: blue Rosco

background: a Home Depot 12x12 inch handmade tile from India

water: city of Atlanta


© 2009 Terry Thomas Photos; Atlanta

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Taken on August 9, 2010