M45 Pleiades

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I am so fascinated with this target and how much data I was able to pull just from 3 x 15 minute subs a couple of nights ago I decided to re shoot M45 and try to get a few hours on it. To maximise the wide field of the camera and to fit the surrounding area I rotated the camera 90 degrees. Here is 6 x 15 minute subs at 800ISO from last night. I hope to be adding more photons during the week.

Thanks for looking.
Clear Skies

Location: Fremont Michigan
Date of Shoot 14th September 2010
Camera: modified Canon 5D Mark II
6x15 min sub exposures at 800ISO with flat and dark frames.
Scope: TMB130SS F7 Refractor using WO/TMB 2.7" Field Flattener.
Auto-guided with Orion Auto Guider on Stellarvue 10x60
Mount: Mountain Instruments MI-250 (pier mounted)
Image Acquired using Nebulosity II, stacked with Deep Sky Stacker and processed with Photoshop CS3.

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  1. Terry Hancock www.downunderobservatory.com 55 months ago | reply

    Thanks Erik, although I do think now in hindsight I went a bit overboard on star reduction which in turn made it a bit too blue?.

  2. madochi 55 months ago | reply

    what can I say ? just wonderful, fascinaing, we are hypnotized by the picture, it's magik

  3. Colocho210 55 months ago | reply

    Que toma tan estupenda!

  4. J.B.B. Photography 55 months ago | reply

    beautiful. how did you take this?

    Please check out my latest work...
    nonchalance (view on black)

    [ via 'FlickrCentral' group on flickriver  --J. Blaustein Photography ]

  5. Jessy Ferreira 54 months ago | reply

    It's gorgeous!! Absolutely dreamy!!

  6. Terry Hancock www.downunderobservatory.com 54 months ago | reply

    Thanks, if you think that's dreamy did you check out my music video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=92t39Qovtco&feature=email

  7. Igi87 54 months ago | reply

    Cant get enough of your Photos, hoppe one day i can take such Photos too.

  8. gainesp2003 54 months ago | reply

    That's a deep shot, and beautifully done!

  9. Edi Eco 53 months ago | reply

    Amazing! Gorgeous! Wonderful! Congratulations! Very beautiful shot!!

    [ via 'Canon DSLR User Group' group on flickriver  --Edi Eco ]

  10. Jessy Ferreira 53 months ago | reply

    I just looked at your video!! It's awesome!! I was completely hipnotized! my mum even asked me what I was looking at...lol and she loved your video!! congrats!!!!

  11. Terry Hancock www.downunderobservatory.com 53 months ago | reply

    Well thank you Jessy, glad you liked it. Please dont forget to forward it to your friends

  12. Terry Hancock www.downunderobservatory.com 53 months ago | reply

    I apologize, somehow I overlooked your question. I shot this image using a Canon 5D Mark II, multiple frames (see the description) that were later stacked together. For a lens I used the TMB 130 5" Refractor telescope at 910mm. This is mounted on what is called an equatorial mount, specifically designed for Astronomical purposes such as astrophotography.
    I hope that helps.

  13. nashien 52 months ago | reply

    This is beautiful!

  14. Kom_bo 48 months ago | reply

    Serenidad y Compasión
    Serenity and Compassion

  15. Terry Hancock www.downunderobservatory.com 44 months ago | reply

    excuse me but you cannot post spam on here

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