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Haystacks from High Snockrigg

I'm not at all happy with this. The light was difficult, shining into the lens, draining the image of most of its colour and detail. I didn't have my tripod, so it's not as sharp as I would like, and the B&W version of this just doesn't work (at least not yet). But this was a holiday with my wife, who was waiting patiently with her book in the car, while I explored yet another hilltop, so sometimes you just have to take what you've got and enjoy it. The views here in all directions are just exquisite, far reaching and indescribable. I took lots of photographs and won't bother to upload much, because frankly I could not do the place anything like justice.


This is, however, a fine viewpoint for the most wonderful little mountain, Haystacks. I took it because I wanted a photograph which showed almost the entire route I used to climb it a couple of years ago, starting on the valley floor at bottom left and sweeping up and diagonally further left up to the knobbly top, with its magical tarns and views of the higher mountains, before coming down with aching knees on the path to the right. So this photo will do for that purpose, perhaps until I climb Robinson next time!

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Taken on August 7, 2011