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Candy Cane Cupcakes | by Terriko
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Candy Cane Cupcakes

Taken with this week's AAW challenge in mind: Foreground/Background


Since "large rubber mallet" is an unusual kitchen tool for me, I liked the contrast of it with the final product of cupcakes. I'll bet some of you came up with some pretty odd stories about the relationship between these objects before you clicked through, too!


My new year's resolution is to process more of my photos, and that's going ok so far (but of course it's barely been a week!) However, apparently I like messing with other people's resolutions, so I'm taking a batch of these cupcakes to work tomorrow.


PS - Hi AAW, it's been a long time!


What it Took:

Well, first I had to make up a recipe for chocolate candy cane cupcakes with fudge garnish, and then I had to actually *make* said cupcakes... ;)


Seriously, though, as far as photography, this one was mostly about placement and focus, as one would expect for the assignment. I spent a while finding my favourite cupcakes of the lot, adjusting them, realizing the focus wasn't really where I wanted it to be, moving things around, rinse repeat. I debated doing some white balancing here, but I decided I liked the warm kitchen light better than when I made the icing as white as it looks to my eyes. After that, crop square, fiddle with the sharpening a bit, and added a teensy bit of a vignette to draw the eye to the front even more.


I'm torn between this photo and this one:


But I think the one I've submitted fits the assignment a bit better. Unfortunately, it looks much nicer on my blog than it does on flickr because of how the square crop is shown in the interface.



Want your own chocolate candy cane cupcakes with fudge garnish?


Instructions here:

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Taken on January 8, 2015