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The Scrutiny of Mister Mantis

We have two mantids running willy-nilly about the yard at present.


They are opposites of one another. They're born, I assume, from the same... ehhh, "litter?" What's the proper name for a group of praying mantises? Flock of geese, parliament of owls, school of fish, that sort of thing?


Let's just go with a "clusterf**k of mantids."


Anyway, these two mantids are opposites of one another.


This one is brownish. He's fairly friendly. I put out my hand, and he got up on it, and began using my body as an intrepid climber might use a challenging mountain. I had to stop him from ascending the summit of my face.


The other one is not at all friendly, and all green. He flees. He has this paranoid look on his face at all hours (well, to be fair, I think all mantids possess the paranoid eyes).


Funny how bugs like these have personalities.


Mantids are really quite different than other insects.


One day, we'll find out they're much smarter than we expect.

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Taken on September 8, 2009