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Sunset On A New Planet | by curious_spider
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Sunset On A New Planet

Time to talk a little technique I just made up the other day.


I like waterdrops. Or, more specifically I like taking photos of waterdrops -- actually, I suppose I don't give a crap about the actual waterdrops. I mean, yay, blobs of water. Good for them.


But, of course, it's winter. Waterdrop shots are not easy to come by in winter. Sometimes you get a nice melt, and the drops are wet and ready and waiting (which sounds er, faintly salacious), but most of the time it's ice or dry leaves or brown frozen ground. Not ideal.


Indoor, waterdrops don't happen naturally unless you have plumbing issues, so you have to create your own.


Most times, though, waterdrops don't magically stick to something. You get a thing wet, it's just wet. Damp. Sodden. No drops, it's just soaked.


What to do, what to do? Beseech the gods for their aid? Attempt to chemically alter the molecular structure of water with your laser-eyes? Or smear some Vaseline on something and fleck if with water?


Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner.


Water beads nicely on Vaseline, and you get waterdrops.


Like these, here, which are on the top of a shampoo bottle. Hopefully, this doesn't actually look like a shampoo bottle.

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Taken on February 7, 2009