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Dirty Drop

Friday, I took a walk though Lake Nockamixon Park, which is closed now to car traffic, and open only to walkers.


I saw very few people. Most times, it was just me for two and a half hours, wandering around in the relative silence of the woods. You'd hear leaves falling. Squirrels chasing each other. Water dripping somewhere, or ducks calling.


I saw some wildlife, too. Saw some birds that I can't identify, gathering in a covey on a half-sunken tree, a parliament of cormorants or something. Then I saw two deer leap out in front of me (tried to get that shot; failed). I even got a little pic of a little cricket, which will be forthcoming later.


The biggest wildlife I saw, though, was the dude peeing on the tree.


That was exciting. I came around the bend to find some mullet-haired black-skull-sweatshirt dude just wailing on a tree with a stream of urine that seemed endless. He was there with his mother, a cattle dog, and a pit bull, all three of whom were off leashes.


The mother tried to warn the son, but of course, he was already in midstream. You can't stop, then, especially not with such a pressing urinary need. You stop that kind of pressure, it'll back up and pop your kidneys like cheap balloons. Pow, pow. Pee-pee everywhere. No good.


I said hello, and kept walking, resisting the urge to snap a picture and run for the hills. Because they had a pit bull. He seemed friendly, but... y'know. Prudence and self-preservation won the day over art.


It was a lovely day, no matter how you slice it.


Roundabout way of saying, I have a lot of "rainwater on dead leaf" shots coming your way. Buckle up, folks.

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Taken on November 7, 2008