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Like The Desert Ground

It's like the leaf wants to suck up the rain, but it can't. It makes slurping noises, like the sound one emits through a straw when most of the soda is gone from the glass; otherwise, a fruitless endeavor.




A quick writing update, given that you all might be wondering my my photostream and comment ratio has slowed to a damning crawl:


Lots of books hitting shelves this week or last (Changeling: The Lost for one, Damnation City for another, plus the PDF module, "The Fear-Maker's Promise"). In addition, developing several books, and we've officially had the screenplay optioned and have leads on two more to potentially write so this is a week of writing treatments and other madness. It's a busy, crazy, crazybusy time. Bear with me!

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Taken on July 4, 2007