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Tara Toy Corp. :: "TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES" - COLLECTORS CASE xxvi / jury-rigged handle (( 1988 ))

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approx. 10 x 12", 4" depth


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-->> One of two Turtles collector cases made by Tara i know of. The slightly larger 1990 "DELUXE" TMNT case boasts holding 20 figures and has more familiar Lavigne/Brown style guide art decor.

This one boasts holding 12 figures & accessories, but i guess that's theoretically true depending on the size of the figs & how many weapons and such are crammed into the 2 brittle, plastic inner trays.


I barely remember when i obtained this, it was so long ago. I think might have twisted my ma's arm to pick it up for me at the Salvation Army for like 50 cents when i was still in high school or summin'.


This case here with the weird lookin' Turtle graphics has seen allot of action and ware. It came without the cheap plastic handle the deluxe case has ( or similar, vintage collector cases for like Hot wheels, Real Ghostbusters, He-Man or G.I. Joe. ect. also made by Tara ).


Those handles are awful anyway and in my experience with them when i was a boy was that they always fell out if TOO MUCH WEIGHT of the toys within' gave gravity the advantage. The dang case would fall off from the handle in transit with dropping the case on the ground. Sometimes the case would open spilling the toys.


The top inner tray was the most damaged and is still cracked, but the worst of the cracks have been repaired with some household epoxy and clear packing tape.


Initially for years the handle i had used an old ribbon that just didn't really quite work well as a holding mechanism and looked like crap.


Within' the past year i replaced the ribbon with a jury-rigged handle made from shipping twine & and a broken piece of an old leather belt.


The old box still shows it's age and ware, but the newer handle looks ascetically a little bit better. With the repairs, the ol' case still does the job.


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Taken circa 1988