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Puck-Land_lightbox 10 - lit marquee | by tOkKa
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Puck-Land_lightbox 10 - lit marquee

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Measures approx .24" x 7" x 10.5" / Weight approx. 146.6 oz. or 9.162 lbs.


Almost 20 years in the making!! After obtaining as original 1980 "PAC-MAN" U.S. video game cabinet marquee , the sign floated around my apartment and friends' homes for years. With an inability to find a practical use for the sign just short of actually putting it in a working game machine ( impossible on my budget and living conditions ) .The answer started to form when my friend Spyka built a wired, functioning light box for the sign.


A few more years later, i was tired of the bland, wooden facade of the box. As cool as it was - the exterior needed a make-over. In 2019 i decided to decorate the box based on one of my favorite Namco games of my youth and T.V. show that inspired it,." Pac-Land"..


The trim on the front of the marquee features four metallic "PAC-MAN ice cream " pins. Each panel features PAc on a different adventure against the Ghost Gang : Inky, Pinky , Blinky, Sue, and Clyde. Incorporating vintage Pac-Man trading scratch-game cards, Namco Cyber Station Arcade Tokens, and glow-in-the dark elements on the panels for as much of a nostalgic arcade feel as i could incorperate as possible. The base of the box is my favorite featuring the BIG BAD BOSS of the original cartoon show ,Mezmeron clutching a mighty Power Pellet towering over PAC.


A latch in the back has a centered hinged door Spyka created for easy access to the LED light bulb. A simple custom wiring system with a plug to the on/off switch is at about a little over 80". The box is designed to hand from the ceiling or high wall but could be modified to hand directly on a flat wall like a portrait. Or the wiring can be removed for shelf or table display.


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Taken circa 2019