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Sofa's puppy [found] | by tOkKa
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Sofa's puppy [found]

-->> My genius graff- pal :: 'JO SOFA' ..


in VA found summin' moungin' round his house recent ..


"Lately things have been pretty crazy with my life. I have once again moved to another store, sad over loosing a good crew and moving away from friends. Maybe as manager I shouldn't become friends with people who are under me but hasn't hurt so far. None the less working at a new location has been interesting to say the least and I feel like I am just screwing up all the time. Not that I really am but it's a feeling I have. Paranoia yeah know...

So I screwed up the schedule a couple of times and some how managed to get today off...I wake up get kisses from Nicole and play a little of DK versus Mario on my DS when I hear a dog barking but it sounds like it's downstairs. Needless to say Nicole and I have heard the noise a couple times in the past 2 days and thought nothing of it...Last night Nicole and I talked about a I find a little friend under my house. (check my pics for a picture of him...) I am looking for his owner but he is quickly melting my heart. I am not quite ready for a dog but this little puppy is pretty awesome. He certainly has made my day thus far. Though I need to clean and he is making it pretty hard. He at the moment is sleeping on my lap occasionally I try to place him on his makeshift bed and get him to stay but he likes my lap...*sigh

Nicole will fall in love instantly so the owner had better call or we are going to be new dog/puppy owners, how we will manage that I don't know...Can I take him to work with me? Keep him in my bathroom but he will howl I am sure.

ramble ramble... "


.. the creature looks very delectable..


..upon seeing those eyes .. i am thrilled and delighted..


.. ..slurrrp..drrooll**


.. i look forward to my trip to VA in the fall..


..i wonder where i can purchase a nice wine sauce in Richmond.. hmm ..


..~~~** ..>v<

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Uploaded on March 3, 2007