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'Spaze..odd i see :: pt.1 - Letter from a Ledge..'

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..1 of 3 .. a letter from the Spaze Caze..


22 Febuly 2XXX


My Deer Reindeer friends ..


Talk much it is hard for this me. I still learning languages i am good not yet real at it.

My friend Krunchy teeches me gud. But think it is my language chord to complex to handle primitive reindeer vocal chord of this planet.

O' my friend Krunchy.. he little bird is my friend. He talks to me. He sez you are called a 'Hu-mans' speechies. Peep-holes of Urth..


Sorry i thought speechies of primitive planet was 'Urth' was 'deer'. I watch TEEVEAS one time ..young mother tells husband..'Yes Deer, No Deer'. O well..

'Scuse me.. i am very frustarated. Many adventure i have !! Last Urth Year you not seen me much .. but i seen you alot all the time. See is hard as i travelz 'Urth'. As immigrant refugee to this planet i am very lost. Hu-man scientist hunt down alien where i am told they take them to Areas 51 in hot BBQ sand and eat them for the delicious meat.


I saw TEEVEA once.. man named 'Hu-Man' .. raise magic sword and turn into big Mus-cuh-les. Said he had power and he wore fuzzy thong. See you Hu-man are so confusing.


Not sure i am trust 'Hu-man'. Much i see..too much i see.. all is not good on hot Green planet. It sez 'WARS' all over it .. word scare me.. frustrate me. Where go this word 'war' when it's end ??


I am sorry i learn to write better letter to you. Still very slow to this ::'understand' i am.


I notice Hu-man com from Womb-man .. womb-man pretty to see in my eye thing in head of mine that is mind holder.


Hu-man i think understand some do this muscle :: 'HEART'. See .. wondering if it is mission of mine maybe to seek out answer to 'Heart'. I kinda look like 'Hu-mans' ..least Krunchy tell me i do. I look in this Hu-man glass called :: 'Mirror'.. i think Spaze look like Riendeer.


Hu-man ducktor ..some think smart i think (read it's called Dr.). Dr. is smart ..sez he understand Hu-man ..head. Ducktors swim in lake of water and have feathers and deliver babies to Womb-man and poop pills to you. Hu-man eat poop to feel better about thier minds and skulls. Hu-mans live in meat and they have s'keleton'..skeleton is a frame that swims in meat. Duck helps them keep it alive. My research indicates that Dr. goes 'Wack Wack' and flies to the Northpole in the winter when snow is coming here. According to my research ..


Spaze's head i think like Hu-man head work ok sometime. i wonder tho'. confused i get. My research show me my people leave me on warm planet all alone. I think when E.T. landed on green orb ..he landed softer. Spaze i think.. i landed on head. Spaze's head spinns around and around like rings of big Planet 'Saturn' ..Hu-man scientistologists call it.

I think head like apple or hard boil egg.


Very fragile .. until worms come to eat it.


Hmm.. i wonder if worm will eat my head.


I think warm green planet very fragile too.. like heart.


In time away, Hu-man friend i made "N-M-E" !! I think it is worm !! He only sez he is "Maddnezz". He chase Spaze all over this mud planet of war. He wants have war with Spaze like some Hu-man want war. Maddnezz make Spaze very crazy'll.


He trying kil me i think. Maybe he is very hungry worm. Maybe he want's dinner. I am a skinny.. why he want me to eat ?? I see him all times.. sometimes no i don't. He come into head in dreams ..Krunchy said it is just 'Nightmares'.. but i don't dream of horses. I think Maddnezz is real !! Krunchy sez i am a 'crazy-ish'. What is Hu-mans mean 'a crazy-ish'. I think Krunchy crazy !! Why he is talking bird..when i don't see other bird talk but parrot ??

Why i not look like Hu-mans ..but i see them. I mean i can't be Hu-mans..but Hu-man like Wars of Stars much.. and alien !!


I think they see me.. !! I think i am feared in them. Some are nice Hu-man tho' alien from other planet. I wonder if nice Hu-man thinks i am Hu-man too or they be nice to strange creatures from other galaxy no matter what. It is mixed i tell you.


You Hu-man .. you afraid of creature from other planet ?? I think sometimes they are afraid of it. Hard for me to learn culture of Hu-man ..:: 'Head'..'Heart' .. research show me Hu-man shoot at my people during great war in Urth Years of Nineteen 70z .. O NO !! Hu-mans must have different reaction to my people !! Maybe some Hu-man hate me ..maybe some want to love me. Cannot tell yets.


One time i saw in star sky .."Yoouff'oh" ..and i pretend to myself. "My people look for me !! Yay!! They love me." But not to sure. It flys away forever.. i got sad. I wish i am smart ..learn to call my people like the E.T. ..maybe i will write letter to the E.T.

Krunchy sez he is in "HollyWud" .. mayeb if i can see him he can help me get back home. I saw "Moovie" in cow pasture. Me and cow watch moovie.. and Big Pink-blue lady gives Dorthy red shoes. Dorthy goes home. i think E.T. can give me shoes that are red and i click them and go home.

I will have to go computers and make note to E.T.




Maybe call Governor Tarkin..representletive ..:"Empire 911" .. emergency ..he help me.. ?? NO ??


Maybe i not have homes.. maybe i fly on space saucer all day forever and try figger'out Hu-man ?? Hmm ..not sure.


My eyes drips alot..wet..


i think a heart is a heavy thing. i think it is not muscle.. i think 'Hu-man' have rocks in thier chest ..but it is alive rock. And it can be very heavy. I see people who are strong like muscles. Big man can lift big steel metals at the gyms. Even tho' metals are heavy. Hu-man heart like that maybe ??

You..Hu-man ..tell me.. pls. Is heart heavy to carry ?? Is weakling gonna carry heart..especially when it weighs so heavy ?? Huh ?? What is this ?? Does Spaze's heart weigh so heavy all the time.. and is he so weak ?? He carries heart ..i know he does. I am him. My heart bursts sometimes.. explodes. Maybe yeh..i am one of the weakies..


It hurts bad..sometimes. If i take heart ..and throw it in air.. and make it explode ..


maybe it will rain blood ?! Maybe Hu-man get heart rain ?? Maybe Hu-mans stop hurting ?? Maybe Hu-mans not war eachother ?? Maybe childrens hu-man won't cry ?? I don't know.


Maddnezz coming soon.. he will eat my brain.. i think he eats my heart. Why does Maddnezz eat rocks ?? Maddnezz does not seem to have heart. He is anything he wants. I am afraid of him very much. He rips me apart sometimes. Sometimes he takes my lives away. I run away from him.


I try to fight.. but i am so weak with my rock. It hurts so much to fight with heart rock. I wonder if i am so weak. If i am so weak how come i can write to this now on a paper or computers ?? My research is unclear.


Maybe i will have much luck in sleeps. Hu-man sleeps i think to see if they can feel..and to be stronger in the body. I think they sleep to see a flight of a fancy sort and rationalize a sub-conky.


Hu-man have muther.. i think womb-man mothers love the babies. I hopein' Spaze find his muther..


Hmm.. No more dreaming of dark horses?? Maybe i can dream of wing-ed Hu-mans that fly like birds like in church pictures. Maybe Maddnezz will forget. Krunchy sez to me that i dream of too many pipes.


I think i saw Hu-mans 'SMOKING' these pipes once. It was very interesting.. and it was kinda strange to me. I wonder why they must dream of them. I think you Hu-man are very strange speechies. Lighting lips on fire. Strange.. i think people light lips on fire ..and they have 'stubborn'. That's part in think why they shoot in Wars.


O NO !! Maddnezz is near !! I write now very much that i am afraid. I must end this !! Krunchy say Spaze must end this. He say he will teach me better language later day. Hu-man is my second language.


Maybe if i fight Maddnezz with Hu-man weapon ..he goes away ?? Maybe War with Maddnezz good idea ?? Some Hu-man like war. I think Hu-man try to kill cuz their rocks are to heavy for them so tey kill other Hu-man to make other Hu-mans heart stop so they can go on in a 'LIVING'.

.. i don't understand this ,tho'. ''Standing up .. it is called i think.. but sometimes Hu-mans stand UP on cliffs too. Cliffs have sharp rocks. ..


Like heart.. rocks hurt. I think if i fell on sharp i will get killed.


Sometimes i know i need 'killed' .. hard to desi-FER ..Hu-man 'E-motion' ..gee quite biting at times. Maybe that's why Maddnezz bites me ??


Hmm.. maybe i need to run for now. I really must go. Madnezz looms so much. So much fear. I am so afraid. But Hu-man cannot help me. Maddnezz is growing.


.. he sez he is near. I can hear him ?? ..He sounds the screams of 20 million baby rabbits screaming..and falling off crumbling cliff into volcanoes. So frightening.

Can you hear him Hu-man ?? Am i to go to war,Hu-man ?? Maybe i am'a rabbit ??!!


.. I must go now Hu-mans of green,warm urth.. don't fight in war ..OK !!


you cannot help me tho' ..not today.. noone can. I don't know if hu-mans shall..


I will be back very soon.. this time i promise as much as i can promise. I am not Hu-man .. so i can't promise too much.


I hope you are reindeer if i get back. I will learn language betterish if i get back.


Sneerly yours ,




** **


- ..2 be continued.. -




Thoughtful .. thoughts .. writer writes ..struggles strought ..


for the words fight .. and fought.. fought naught..


.. Spaze's letter writing theme by : Architecture In Helsinki .. ::


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