• ..damm that spider webbing is really effective when hanging your breakfast bowl to the wall. None of it is spilling out !! WOW !!

Ralston Foods " Spider-man Cereal " :: " New Spider-man Cereal Is Here. " ..art by Sal Buscema & Scott Koblish (( 1995 ))

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-->> ..k' this is it ..

this cereal WAS at one time the infamous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cereal. But by 1995, that cereal was gone, so to recycle Ralston turned the ' CHEX-like' Ninja Nets of the TMNT cereal into 'Crispy Webs' for Spidey.

This cereal was so damm delicious. Ralston always had the coolest licensed cereals !!

And it turned out in this rare case i was eating the same f7ckin' cereal the whole time cuz it was just TMNT with Spidey !!

(( And i don't give a f6ck what you pop-culture SCABS have to say about TMNT cereal.. it was so damm tasty, and you know it !! You liked it.. you just think it's so cool to make fun of the cereal !! ))..

It should be noted this was the first time ever that The Kingpin was ever featured as a Marshmallow piece.

I was prolly the only person at the breakfast table that realized what i actually was putting in my mouth.

Damm i really was a chubby -marshmallow - chaser then, wasn't i ? ..

.. (( ya know my therapist sez i really gotta stop puttin' so much of this 'EXTRA' thought into my past breakfast food habits.. ))

i'm goin ta hell, .. .. aren't i ?!

  1. Mishari Al-Reshaid Photography 70 months ago | reply

    I have this ad in some of my Spidey comics. but unfortunately unlike you, I never got the chance to taste it.

  2. tOkKa 70 months ago | reply

    -->> ..and trivial as it is, i guess i should count my blessings then.

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