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'The StiTchez too :: pt.3 - Passemeterie  ..' | by tOkKa
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'The StiTchez too :: pt.3 - Passemeterie ..'

'The StiTchez too :: pt.3 - Passemeterie ..'


..3 of 3 ..


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☣ ☣



.. ..




end the race..




..continue fire ..




extinguish, ash !!




Time to end this .




The StiTchez .. continues it's destructive advance towards the




The fire's consumption of the city is immeasurable.


Jumping, skipping and racing.. (( both the Spaze Caze's feet and heart )) from roof-top to fervid roof-top ..the fire continues to spread like an explsion of flaming rabbits.


The immensity of the battle increases, The Evil Bear's "stiching"


starts to unravel. The Bear's left paw and arm form a soft


cannon,exposing the ammunition of a filling, a stuffing.




**POMPH .. POMPH ** ~~ !!




Firing off in random but rapid succession at the Invader, the Bear's


aim is off tonight. However..the fire increases the danger as it


consumes even more of surface area. As the 'ammo' also is fired at


the Invader thru' bursts of indiscriminate flame.. creating sporadic








The Maddnezz watches from afar from the vomiting lava pits of Yomi.



How pleased he is to see his War Game playing out so destructively


and haphazardly.







The Invader is numb once more. The StiTchez is even 10 feet away on


one last small 6 story building.. crumbling around his feet.


Transforming into a molten form of cinder and ash. In between the


billowing hazes of smoke the vacant look of the cycloptic bear's eye


and expressionless maw are seen. Frightening as the visage would


have been years ago ..with the dark air choking of fumes from the


flames. The Invader's being has completely shut-down.


The puffing clouds in the red sky suddenly open.. the smoke clears


slowly as if being sucked into a vacuum.


The blaze over the backdrop of this seemingly ghost-city die down to


match-stick flames.




A familiar monotonousness marching sound echoes from the sky. Beings


the Spaze Caze recognizes ..from his past. These ' others ' ..the


Invaders ..his " people "( ?! ).


The phantom extraterrestrials float in the atmosphere ..observing


and not interfering.


Or did they??


Spaze's brain pings. Again the recollection of the harpoon.


Spaze near the top ledge of the short building glances down to the


rubble below. Wedged in the rocks the harpoon, rusted and old but


hardened and sharp waits.


The chance to end this now is fast.. to destroy this awful memory


and to de-stitch The StiTchez.


With hallow warnings from his master..the Oni screams at the


lifeless zombie - bear of a trap. The Twisted Teddy ignores the


Maddness as if he were background noise.


The Bear's stand-still remains temporary. The Invader suddenly gets


a small sparkle in his eye.


Lifting the lower right portion of his hoodie and shirt to expose


the nuclear white Alien flesh of his lower abdomen and navel. Foam


and drool drip like acid from between the hastily sewn-up jaw. The


vacant button eye seemingly grows wider. And the predictable is


about to happen.


As the lusty, lumbering frenzy-beast advances in a blind ** POMPH **


.. Spaze narrowly dodges the creature doing a tumble to his right.


Regaining his footing, Spaze doesn't look back. The The StiTchez


does his own sloppy somersault over the ledge. Like a sopping wet


lump of dryer lint.. the Bear-thing lands 360 ..and square-ass first


onto the harpoon below.


".. Hoisted on Spaze's old petard .. "


The StiTchez is impaled.


The Oni screeches and the entire Empire of Yomi trembles in fear.


Spaze's U.F.O. shaped " Disc - Board " appears atop the roof next to


it's master, taking the freeky Invader to the ' Crash Site '.


Flowing wildly on the harpoon like a weathered flag are the 'rags'


and the head of what is left of the evil Bear-beasty.


Bloody, sweaty ..and worn-down once again .. the Invader savors very


briefly this small victory over the Oni and perhaps laying to rest


this dreaded chapter of his traumatized, confusing and arcane past.


Swiftly saluting the ' People in the Sky ' as they too dissipate


with the rest of the smoke..


Spaze reboards his Disc ..and floats once again to parts unknown,


leaving the make-shift "Flagpole" and Teddy-bear memorial in the


crumble of the ruin as a reminder to the Oni that even to the Master


of the Madness not everything is as it seems.


The Pink Button - eye of the undead creature remains forever vacant.


And the " flag " continues to flow.


O', yee of the Passemeterie eye..


Perhaps ..for the Spaze Caze, hope shall flow too.


Time can only tell, but how can anyone tell a continually moving


entity who is timeless ??




If the Invader likes it or not.. some questions shall remain






And his heart still races. ~~




- fin..


( ..yeh, right.. )








Heart Racing..fuel the fire ..


..theme for this piece provided by : Architecture In Helsinki ..




-- Click here ,if you wish to listen to


-A.I.H's 'Heart It Races '


Yacht's I SHOULD Coco MIX --




☻ ☺



** ..crayon inks,colour pencil,MAGIC MARKER,design marker,,Macromedia Fireworks, buttons n' bits, loose


thread, fire - ..


☺ ☻



©2008 tOkKa, ..all other elements © their much


respected owners..please respect the copyrights..



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Uploaded on July 11, 2008