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'The StiTchez too :: pt.2 - SHANK..' | by tOkKa
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'The StiTchez too :: pt.2 - SHANK..'

'The StiTchez too :: pt.2 - SHANK..'


..2 of 3 ..



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.. onslaught, attack , invade ..




heart still races.




..catches fire .. ignition, EXPLODE !!




The race is on .. and the battle begins.




The StiTchez .. lombers as he lumbers towards the Invader. Unspeakable desire in it's eye.


The creature once again means certain harm to the Spaze Caze.. same intent ( or worse ?! ) as all those many years ago.


The Maddnezz watches on with happy mirth . The omnipotent Oni has cast his gaze for the countless time as he plays yet another game of the mind and anima with the Invader.


The madness of the most mad..


and the faculties of the Maddnezz, these are the obsessive things he plays and these are the baubles he plays with.




Can one really ever escape one's past to a different future without

ever confronting the defiance from that past in the present ??


In the infancy of the Invader's relations with the Bear, mistrust and abuse ..and the unutterable. The forever wounded and scarred .. the Invader could almost say was similar to that of the defamatory of a human.


But most humans would not think of this Invader as like them.Now would they ( ?! ) ??


Adrenaline rush .. and a race.


When the heart races , the motion propels forward to the panic and the manic. At least it normally would.


Perhaps the Invader has grown weary from the Oni's attacks. Maybe


Spaze is ready to a face one of his most rebarbative, reprobative, and evil adversaries.


It has been years since the last encounter. The Bear had been dormant, and it's lust grew .. his patience in filth and disgust of thought also exploded. Pounding the fiery pavement.. with every ** POMPH ** of it's pom-pom paws. The streets pounded as the heart races.


But for the Spaze Caze ..there was a slow-smoking sign .. and something glorious.


This race actually starts to move up thee fire escapes, eventually the 2 entities are amidst the blazing rooftops of the city. Chasing .. being chased, raced.. the Invader is.


One shank of a button-eye glimpse of the Invader, the one-set minded creature intends to rape the last bit of dignity and dare the Alien say it or think it .. :: "HUMANITY" out of him.


Slow-smoking sign .. the smoke and the fire, somehow the Invader manages to play it cool even within the sweltering the heat of the fire.


Heart still races, but the Invader's mind also. Spaze continues to think. And he thinks ahead.


Spaze remembers upon the reentry ( and before the " burnup " ).. or the ' Reappearance ' of The StiTchez.. ::


Spaze recalls ..he had in his possession a harpoon.


UN - BEAR - ABLE.. it would be to trick a Teddy..


but The StiTchez has never been an ordinary Teddy, ..


and in a perverse, myopic , and soulless , careless mind of darkness..


..a certain Teddy's mind isn't very "BRIGHT".


When The StiTchez strikes, he will understand who really is winning the race. It'll see more than the city and the heart is on fire..


.. so is Spaze's noggin'.


And when StiTchez may finally see the fire in his one eye for the last time.


Redeemed of his pain .. the Invader will be ??




It's time for the Spaze Caze to feel for once.


At least this time.. he needs to feel ..












" Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free. "






- ..2 be continued.. -








Heart Racing..fuel the fire ..


..theme for this piece provided by : Architecture In Helsinki .. ..:: It Races - DJ Rupture's Ita.mp3




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** ..crayon inks,colour pencil,MAGIC MARKER,design marker,,Macromedia Fireworks, buttons n' bits, loose thread, fire


♦ ♦




©2008 tOkKa, ..all other elements © their much respected owners..please respect the copyrights..

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Taken on July 8, 2008