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tOkKA's KriB :: unused character art from ' The Rahzar Rebellion ' // ..Tokka: Turtle Surfin' [[ Michelangelo Long-board ]]  ..~~**  (( 2001 )) | by tOkKa
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tOkKA's KriB :: unused character art from ' The Rahzar Rebellion ' // ..Tokka: Turtle Surfin' [[ Michelangelo Long-board ]] ..~~** (( 2001 ))


.. Mikey gets a taste of his own medicine as Tokka and Mousee give him a lesson in street-surfing from a different perspective.


This illustration was tucked in with the other Rahzar Rebellion pieces. Not sure if they are related. But well.


I used to draw Tokka rather differently back then. His character's am trying to return a bit more to his darker, sinister 'Steve R. Bissette' Roots.


I no longer have him wear baggies, in fact he doesn't wear pants at all.


I also try to make, for the most part ' ALL THUMBS '. In the movie he never had thumbs, all of his digits on his fingers were more claw like a mole sorta, and he couldn't hold things very well.


His beak now, i make more as part of his entire head and not just a separate piece. He doesn't wear chains anymore nor a ball-cap. The ' Foot Clan' symbol has been moved to his belt, and instead of a ball-cap ..he now wears a stocking cap with the newer 2003 'Foot Clan' symbol on it's front ( The 3 - Toe Dragon symbol ).


Tokka still likes to go Turtle Surfin' tho'.


♦ ♦


-->> ..when i first started t2z ..often i'd create comic stories focusing directly on Tokka & Rahzar from the second TMNT film.


Absurdity and cheese was the key. Set in some time-frame after the film, i used different characters from all the Turtle universes. There was a small little cast and the stories were purposely made awful graphically and story wise.


Tokka and Rahz continue to be toddler terrors as seen in the film. However Tokk tips the scales as a misunderstood, A .D .H. D. riddled monster on Ritalin. Mousee was intoduced as Tokka's pet puppy. But he wasn't actually a pup at all, he was a reject Mouser from Baxter Stockman's factory that fell off the assembly line and went bonkers. For some reason he took on the persona of a dog and fended off some savage Mousers that were gonna maul Tokka to death. The Snapper adopted the little Mouser and a new freindship was formed.


Jiro was a disillusioned Ex-Foot Soldier who was convinced by Tokka not to throw himself off for ( suicidal reasons )a roof after Tokk himself fell off a 13 story building himself and survived.




In what would have been the biggest Tokka story i'd ever created. ::


The capitalistic and demonic Null was to return to earth so he could complete his sale of the planet to the Oni Noi Tai Dar.


But in order to complete the transaction..his ancient contract specifically stated that he needed the sacrifice of an alligator snapping turtle to open the gate to Yomi and allow the Oni to devour the entire world. The only alligator-snapper ( and the only one that stuck-out like a sore, bleeding thumb ) in the greater Metro-NYC area was Tokka.


Null was to send his evil secretary Miss Voyd to kidnap Tokk and prepare the sacrifice to open the gate.


Not counting or expecting a fuzzball like the mutant wolf Rahzar as much of a threat..

:: Rahz sought to save his Snapper pal by rolling a bunch of his local canine friends from the local dog pound. Forming a mini-army to confront, fight an thwart Null and cast him and and his evil Secretary into the pits of Yomi. Defeating the demons and saving the Tokka.


Alas, life happens ..and terrible2z ( and me ) took on many new challenges that would sadly land this project back in the junkyard.


But who knows.. maybe someday i can come back to this and the world will witness The Rahzar Rebellion




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Uploaded on June 12, 2008