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tOkKA's Pac-Man Lunch Box - FRONT Graphic.. Aladdin Industries ((1980))

-->> .. this box has seen alotta action ((and it ain' cuz tOkK been chasin' the bus n' ghosts all day .. ))


When i was famished.. i'd dip my beak in here to see all the gross smooshed sammiches mama would pack so sloppy in there for me ..


..and i hated it when she wouldn't put the lid on tight on the bottle cuz then the gross smooshed sammich was all drenched in it's own soggy mess of Kool-aid.. .. o well soggy sammiches aside.. then i'd use the kit to beat back the bully monsters that used to pick on me all the time tryin' to steal my lunch money and give me wedgies n' smack my head on the cement. That hurt !!


Somehow..someway..this lil' kit survived..


if it wasn't for my Pop ..this crusty lil' relic wouldn't be here today in this beat up condition.. but here it is all dinged n' doinged .. n' i attest to this proudly.


Sure they prolly got these lil' yellow metal bastards on ebays someplace in much nicer condition .. but this one is mine phooey on them.. !!


PaccuPaccu ~!~!


((D4mm it took me learnin that Toru Iwatani retiring to finally get the gumpshun to scan this lovely thing..))


8*( ..


.. >v<

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Uploaded on August 10, 2007